Nov 1 2021 Update

As some may know, Conquest Eternal started in February 2021 as a simple site to house and share updates about the custom ruleset we were making for map campaigns for Conquest, and for updates on our first Crisis in Russ campaign. A simple site, with a simple purpose.

Over the course of this year, many things have changed. The existing primary community site shut down. The original community Tabletop Simulator mod was discontinued. A new faction was released. Official campaign rules were released. These changes and many others meant the site had to adapt or wither, and we chose to adapt. Today I am outlining all our ongoing and completed projects as a mark of how far we have come, and offering a summary of where we see ourselves headed.

  • This website has evolved into a central resource for the community, offering ready access to community directories for a number of content categories, links to the TTS mod page, fan stories, community scenarios, faction summaries of the released factions, and much more.
  • We introduced a TLAoK rules wiki inspired by the Infinity community rules wiki to make the core rules more accessible and searchable, and covered a major update to the rules (the move from 1.03 to 1.5).
  • We have taken over management of the Unofficial Conquest TTS mod. It has been augmented by additional resources and integration of rules and placeholders for newly released and prerelease units.
  • We held contests for both custom scenarios and for fan lore, with great turnout and reception by the community.

Looking to the future, we hope to introduce the following in the near future.

  • A tournament bracket mobile app for both tracking scores and programmatically building round pairings using Conquest’s Swiss method.
  • A rules wiki containing the First Blood ruleset.
  • A month-long tournament leveraging TTS to connect players from around the world and pit varying local metas against each other.
  • Expansion of our existing TLAoK rules wiki to include FAQs that have been answered by Para Bellum but are not yet released in an official Errata.
  • Expansion of the rules wiki to include faction-specific information as well.
  • A “Getting Started” package of documents to help new players orient themselves within the rules and the lore.
  • A lore wiki, providing for cross-references and a traceable timeline within Ea.
  • Resuming scanning of models into the TTS Core mod to include new releases.
  • Opening up scanning of community models into the TTS Community mod, complete with instructions.
  • Updating the community directories on this website to make it easier to add new resources.
  • An army-building mobile app to allow for easier list building independent of a formal computer.

It has a busy 2021 with a lot of change, and we have more in store. Are you as excited as we are?

Crisis in Russ: Turn 1

This is it, Turn 1 of the campaign. We have 7 players representing all the released factions. You can follow updates on the latest campaign map, and our periodic updates on Sundays here under the Crisis in Russ tag.

For Turn 1, players have their starting province, their 500 point army, and 100 points to spend on building or unit upgrades.

Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest: Results!

The submissions are in, reviewed, and the results are determined! Before revealing the winners of Best Fluff, Most Creative, and Grand Prize, the Conquest Eternal would like to talk about the contest. There was a tremendous amount of support for the contest, from all angles. We appreciate everyone that submitted a scenario. We received 12 qualifying submissions with a lot of variety. It was difficult to narrow down the options, but we had to and did. But this is not the end! We will be reaching out to many of the entrants to discuss including their scenario on our site. If you are one of our entrants, watch your email!

And without further ado, it is my great pleasure to announce the winners of the first-ever Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest!

Best Fluff: Llenard

The Face-Who-Smiles. A First Blood scenario featuring a fantastic story interwoven with interesting custom gameplay mechanics. The story is set in a city in the Old Dominion during the fall, and the hero needs to find an artifact before hostile forces do, with a twist at the end.

Most Creative: Judgewyrm

Something in the woods. A Last Argument of Kings scenario featuring creative uses of the Broken state. Units become Broken on a failed roll, and can only rally out of the woods in a mosh pit in the middle. This mosh pit also contains a scoring objective that only Broken units can score on.

Grand Prize: Ragnarok494

Lurkers. A Last Argument of Kings scenario that brings to mind a misty, swampy battleground where things can easily go wrong. It has special effects for the water terrain, and a great balance of scoring methods and winning points values. It also has a fun mechanic for low visibility.

Full Scenarios will be made available soon!

Game Tracker

We believe that all Conquest games are important, and deserving of being preserved. This requires a system with tremendous flexibility in availability and reliability. It must be available 24/7, and be at home on mobile as well as desktop environments.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the release of the Conquest Eternal Game Recorder. It is a tool for everyone. Ii can be used to track results between friends, to record campaign results, to providing a simple way to manage more complex tournament results.

It can be found here:

As you can see from the above image, a number of details are collected. 

Player names/handles of course

Which faction each player was playing

What scenario was played and what type of scenario it was (Official, Custom, etc)

Who won, and if the loser yielded

How many point the game was, and (optionally) how many points were lost

Victory Points earned and required

How many rounds were played

And lastly, a place to enter an Event ID if you participating in an event. This would be communicated to you by the event organizer.

All of this information will be made publicly available as results are collected and reports are created.

Crisis in Russ

The Crisis in Russ map campaign will be starting in March. Tune in weekly for updates on the twists and turns of the campaign.