Faction Summaries

With roughly 20 factions expected based on conversations with the Para Bellum team, they break down into 3 general groupings: Confirmed, Planned, and Implied. Here you will find the outline of what we know.

A few notes about this list.

  • Combined culture factions have been mentioned, so the factions listed below may be combined instead of in separate armies
  • Arabic names are mentioned in the lore, but have not been confirmed as a possible faction
  • Dev Quote: “Benin Songhai and Mali would be influences for one of the four elements”
  • Murder Fish Gnomes are confirmed to have models planned, likely to be Cthulhu/Famine’s Fishermen army units if they become an ascended meme


100 Kingdoms: A fractious mass of human sovereign states and fiefdoms large and small existing in a constant state of political and armed turmoil. Their greatest strength lies in a combined arms approach utilizing high-defense foot troops, medium and heavy cavalry, supported by ranged units and magic.

The Spires: One of 3 factions of a single alien race known as the Exiles, The Spires rely on their power over creating and shaping life to support their efforts both on and off the battlefield. The end always justifies the means.

Dweghom: Formerly dwarves, created from the primary elements, they are as hard as the earth, and rage like fire. Dweghom armies generally employ hardy, elite troops and fearsome but dubiously controlled magic. 

Nords: Frostbitten and hard as nails warriors from the north, Nord generals are best to remember the simple rule: Always Be Charging. By fielding great hulking monsters alongside human and semi-human troops, the Nord army list is varied and deadly.

W’adrhun: As warhost marching in sync and bolstering themselves with inspiring warcries, a skillful W’adrhun general considers his activations carefully and in advance, taking care not to lose forces such as strong warriors, fast dinosaur cavalry, or powerful ranged units crucial to their plan.

Old Dominion: Undead Byzantine worshippers of a demented god. Expected to be mostly elites like Dweghom, with dark “angels” mixed in.

Coming Soon

City States: Techno-magic insanity overseen by a council of clones, features golems and mythological beasts like Minotaurs.

The Weavers: The second of 3 Exiles factions who have merged with local flora and fauna. Loosely inspired by Irish folklore.


The Quiet



Subtle Egyptians

Famine’s Fishermen



High Asgard/Hel


Judeo/Christian Apocrypha




What’s Under The Grasslands