The Spires


One faction of an extraterrestrial race known as the Exiles. Their inherent Machiavellian natures are reflected in their daily lives as well as on the battlefield. Any opponent should expect a hidden hand of deadly devices to be wielded against them.

Playing as Spires gives you a variety of options. With very little cleave, Spires rely on decay to rot the enemy. Decay can be passed on to the enemy with deadly effect, even while pheromancers and biomancer enhance seemingly weak troops to fearsome heights. Just as prevalent are the Spires’ healing options. Decimated regiments can be restored to plague-bomb the enemy again with infectious decay abilities.

The Directorate can combine these tricks with clones or simply field a fast-moving storm of blades and crossbow bolts with long ranged fire support from marksman clones. Both Directorate and Underspire have access to heavy hitters too like brute drones. 

Lastly, the Lineages field their biomechanical suits for a powerful brute force that works mostly as a straight-up combat force, marching inexorably across the battlefield to utilize the Spires’ few cleave-capable troops. 

To summarize, Spires can expect to undermine the enemy or restore fallen troops, beating the enemy with a weighted attrition game, or use a combined arms approach, or even an elite melee focused army. The true Spires general utilizes all three!

Lore Videos

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