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Welcome to Conquest Eternal! Your one-stop shop for the latest news and updates on Para Bellum’s Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, and Conquest: First Blood tabletop miniature war games.


What is Conquest you ask? Para Bellum sums it up nicely. “Conquest – the Last Argument of Kings is a mass battle wargame produced by Para Bellum Wargames. The rules of the game have been written by one of the industry’s lead game designers, Alessio Cavatore and his studio Riverhorse. The rules are quick and easy to learn for a new player but are still able to offer a new and complex strategy to master. Conquest does away with player turns and army deployment. Instead, it focuses its play around the command stack mechanic, where each player determines at the beginning of the round what order his troops are going to be activated in. Coupled with a unique escalation reinforcement mechanic where light, medium and heavy troops each have their roles, the fog of war is a very real thing.”