A failed (or perhaps too successful?) genetic experiment by the Spires, now a fledgling society marking their mark on Ea.

The W’adrhun are thematically a warhost marching in sync and bolstering themselves with inspiring warcries. This is more than adequately reflected on the battlefield. At first glance the W’adrhun may seem strangely costed, but their army special rules allow key benefits that can be bestowed on the regiments at opportune moments. A skillful W’adrhun general considers his activations carefully and in advance, taking care not to lose units that are crucial to their plan. 

Nevertheless, even without the benefit of the warchants, the W’adrhun units are formidable, and many can hold the field against tough foes. They can also be played in all sorts of ways, but their lists can be built through W’adrhun, dinosaurs, or both working in tandem. Their infantry is flexible and powerful, while the dinosaurs fulfill a variety of roles from fast scouting cavalry, to hulking beasts meant to take the hits while ranged units deliver the pain, to stomping great T-rexes ready to eat anything that moves.

But similarly, there are a unique strain of W’adrhun in the Cults. Similarly in style, though not identical, to the Hundred Kingdoms’ Orders, the Cults have a variety of tough, elite troops to call on and strike fear into their opponents’ hearts.

The essence of the W’adrhun is, like the Hundred Kingdoms, a synergistic one. But the W’adrhun have the staying power to still be a threat even if careful plans do not survive contact with the enemy.

Lore Videos

Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxbDU8pyD6c

Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZSpQo03oJE

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