Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest: Results!

The submissions are in, reviewed, and the results are determined! Before revealing the winners of Best Fluff, Most Creative, and Grand Prize, the Conquest Eternal would like to talk about the contest. There was a tremendous amount of support for the contest, from all angles. We appreciate everyone that submitted a scenario. We received 12 qualifying submissions with a lot of variety. It was difficult to narrow down the options, but we had to and did. But this is not the end! We will be reaching out to many of the entrants to discuss including their scenario on our site. If you are one of our entrants, watch your email!

And without further ado, it is my great pleasure to announce the winners of the first-ever Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest!

Best Fluff: Llenard

The Face-Who-Smiles. A First Blood scenario featuring a fantastic story interwoven with interesting custom gameplay mechanics. The story is set in a city in the Old Dominion during the fall, and the hero needs to find an artifact before hostile forces do, with a twist at the end.

Most Creative: Judgewyrm

Something in the woods. A Last Argument of Kings scenario featuring creative uses of the Broken state. Units become Broken on a failed roll, and can only rally out of the woods in a mosh pit in the middle. This mosh pit also contains a scoring objective that only Broken units can score on.

Grand Prize: Ragnarok494

Lurkers. A Last Argument of Kings scenario that brings to mind a misty, swampy battleground where things can easily go wrong. It has special effects for the water terrain, and a great balance of scoring methods and winning points values. It also has a fun mechanic for low visibility.

Full Scenarios will be made available soon!