Church of Saint Agobard

Established shortly after the discovery of Duchess Deveaux, the Holy Church of Saint Agobard is a fanatical sect of Theism that has taken over as the primary faith within the lands controlled by House Deveaux. The first of the devout followers and the founder of the sect was a man called Artoirel saint Flourel, a minor noble within the Hundred Kingdoms who had ties to the ancient nobility that surrounded House Deveaux.

When Artoirel first found Lady Marchesa, an overwhelming warmth and light swallowed him and entered his heart. Awakening a deep passion and devoutness towards a winged being with a chalice in one hand and a spear with a flag wrapped into it in the other. When his vision cleared, it was Lady Marchesa before him.This was a sign, a message from the great Saint Agobard, a long forgotten patron saint of the Theist faith.Artoirel took this as a command, a holy calling to spread the word of Agobard’s second coming.and rally people to Marchesa’s divinity.

At first Marchesa detested the idea of being considered a deity but as time went on the daily prodding at her mind of the idea grew and soon she fully took on the mantle of Agobard’s vessel, changing her normally shy demeanor to one of benevolence and grace. 

A great tale was made to bring people to the cause of Lady Marchesa and Saint Agobard, one of strife and reclamation. Artoirel devised the tale of Agobard’s will entering Marchesa’s body and guiding her on a holy pilgrimage to her ancestral homeland to retake and rebuild the name of Deveaux. On her travels she came across five noble hedge knights who pledged themselves to her righteous cause. These knights soon became known as the Divine Guardians.
Soon this tale spread thanks to Artoirel’s connections in many city states and with the Theist church and many of the poor, lost and disenfranchised  from the lands around flocked to follow the holy pilgrimage of Agobard’s Vessel. Their devotion was proven time and time again protecting the Vessel and building the new capital of House Deveaux. Becoming the first settlers of Pays du Saint, an old term from Marchesa’s ancestors meaning Land of the Saint.

Nov 1 2021 Update

As some may know, Conquest Eternal started in February 2021 as a simple site to house and share updates about the custom ruleset we were making for map campaigns for Conquest, and for updates on our first Crisis in Russ campaign. A simple site, with a simple purpose.

Over the course of this year, many things have changed. The existing primary community site shut down. The original community Tabletop Simulator mod was discontinued. A new faction was released. Official campaign rules were released. These changes and many others meant the site had to adapt or wither, and we chose to adapt. Today I am outlining all our ongoing and completed projects as a mark of how far we have come, and offering a summary of where we see ourselves headed.

  • This website has evolved into a central resource for the community, offering ready access to community directories for a number of content categories, links to the TTS mod page, fan stories, community scenarios, faction summaries of the released factions, and much more.
  • We introduced a TLAoK rules wiki inspired by the Infinity community rules wiki to make the core rules more accessible and searchable, and covered a major update to the rules (the move from 1.03 to 1.5).
  • We have taken over management of the Unofficial Conquest TTS mod. It has been augmented by additional resources and integration of rules and placeholders for newly released and prerelease units.
  • We held contests for both custom scenarios and for fan lore, with great turnout and reception by the community.

Looking to the future, we hope to introduce the following in the near future.

  • A tournament bracket mobile app for both tracking scores and programmatically building round pairings using Conquest’s Swiss method.
  • A rules wiki containing the First Blood ruleset.
  • A month-long tournament leveraging TTS to connect players from around the world and pit varying local metas against each other.
  • Expansion of our existing TLAoK rules wiki to include FAQs that have been answered by Para Bellum but are not yet released in an official Errata.
  • Expansion of the rules wiki to include faction-specific information as well.
  • A “Getting Started” package of documents to help new players orient themselves within the rules and the lore.
  • A lore wiki, providing for cross-references and a traceable timeline within Ea.
  • Resuming scanning of models into the TTS Core mod to include new releases.
  • Opening up scanning of community models into the TTS Community mod, complete with instructions.
  • Updating the community directories on this website to make it easier to add new resources.
  • An army-building mobile app to allow for easier list building independent of a formal computer.

It has a busy 2021 with a lot of change, and we have more in store. Are you as excited as we are?

Short story: The Market price: Coin like Blood Part I

Gerald the younger sat at the highest table in the grand ballroom of Corngrad, the room filled with swaying silks and velvets of the army of courtesans. The sounds of a ten man accompaniment playing the newest songs throughout all of the hundred kingdoms. The ten musicians being instructed by a singular white haired figure gesticulating for them. His brother truly spared no expense in greeting his return to the city. Though the letters outlining Gerald’s intent and reason for such a ball and tournament no doubt helped.

The nobleman felt a strange emptiness in the chair to his right, where his wife would’ve sat years ago. Now it seemed to forever sit empty no matter where he went ready for her return. The weight of her passing bore down on him despite the long years since then, like an anchor on his shoulders.

The glint of metal caught Gerald’s glance. Another chair down his son Gerald the third sat, giving his father a small gesture behind the table so that none but those near could see. His gold signet ring reflected the light against it’s polished surface. Issuing a slight sigh Gerald brushed his short beard with his hand and said. “What is it boy? If you need to relieve yourself, simply excuse yourself and go.”

The younger man blushed and stammered out. “No, father. I- I wish to go speak to the conductor for a few moments during their next intermission. According to Aunt Alexa they’ve been to distant Lantony, Argem and even Leona.”

“I’m not raising some courtesan or middling nobleman’s son. You’re to be a lord of men, a warrior. Act like it with your whims and desires, boy.” 

The young nobleman frowned momentarily, then leaned back and returned to smiling down at the gathered party. Gerald felt a thudding in his head start, blasted child ‘why doesn’t he act like a man, he’s seventeen already. Or was he sixteen?’ Reaching up a hand to rub at his aching temple he would look over the party. Drawing him from his observations was a muttering at his left, a soft velvet voice that teased at having iron beneath it.

“Let the boy talk to the conductor, dear Cadmael, it will do him no good to constantly be thinking of war. If you want him to be a leader of men you should let him follow the courtly traditions. Music, art, culture, poetry and maybe even romance? Hmmm Little Alexander?”

Gerald Cadmael Vandas turned fully to his sister-in-law and asked. “Tell me, does that make a good leader? Learning to make scribbles, to say soft flowery words… Does your son Chadrick say that when he trains with your men at arms? What do they call the young Prince of Corngrad? What moniker did they give him?”

Lady Alexa would give a small strained smile and flip her fan open waving beneath her face. “He is called ‘The Flower Prince’ for he has been well schooled in both war, love and courtly affairs. Somethings that your own Alexander has yet to be taught. Did you not see him blushing so easily earlier when talking to dear Greta? The poor lad will never win a lady like that.”

“Who is this Greta? A lady of my brother’s court, or one of your ladies in waiting perhaps?” Gerald spoke softly, keeping his voice level. “I’ve never seen the boy flirt or speak to a woman before, frankly I was starting to suspect-”

“Ha, perhaps it’s because you spend every moment you look at the poor child scolding him for his failings and flaws that only you see.” Lady Alexa would lean back and look at him then his son.

“I do not scold him, I instruct him.” 

“Ah yes, Gerald, you instruct your son like I would instruct a horse or hound. You expect him to be seen as marriageable material with those whip marks on his hands and neck? Bwah! for someone who calls himself his father you treat the poor child more like property.”

“Mark me and my words, woman. I instructed and raised him by myself. In the way of my father and his father. I did so alone. Pardon me if I choose to not spare the rod when I’m saddled with such a whimpering weak-”

The soft snap of the soft ivory ribbing of Lady Alexa’s fan silenced the table. Gerald felt a pit form in his stomach as the woman’s furious eyes returned back to him. The emotional mask she had held on for so long was broken, her eyebrow twitching and smile straining as she whispered to him. “If my sister still breathed- gods bless her. She would’ve put a hot iron to your jewels for how you’ve treated her only child. Now, you’re going to get up and ready him for his joust later this evening.”

Restraining a gulp Gerald adjusted his gloves and vest standing. In a harsh whisper he said. “This will be a discussion for another time ‘Bloody Rose’. Boy! Come, we must prepare you for your bout in the tourney.”

Gerald Alphonse Alexander Vandas the Third stood quickly to catch up to his father as Gerald the younger started to walk through the crowd, his shoes clicking against the marble in time with the music.

Gerald the younger shoved the servant aside. “Be out of my way, fool. Boy! What is taking you so long? It has been ten minutes, you should’ve had your armor on by now.”

Following in wake was the elderly Sergeant Erick and Gerald’s bodyguard Sir Yerrkin. Gerald could hear the Sergeant offer the Servant a respectful apology as he followed in the wake of his lord, Sir Yerrkin lifted a hand to stop someone from moving into Gerald’s wrathful path. 

A fist soon found the right door to pound on. Only a few heavy strokes however Gerald forces his fist to stop it’s movement as it soon opens. Shoving it open Gerald the younger saw a strange sight, three Thiest priests praying. Searching the room from the doorway Gerald would call out respectfully. “Forgive me- I am looking for my- I’m looking for Sir Vandas. A young knight, strawberry blond hair, meek of build, should come to my shoulder, about seventeen-”

“Behind the door- Father please, you’re squishing me.”

Removing his foot that had jammed the door open Gerald would allow the young man to come out from behind it. He hadn’t even donned his chest plate, only the greeves. Inhaling he would mutter, “Sloppy ill bred boy… You shame yourself, What if we were under attack or you were in the field.” 

Alexander would shrink back slightly, rubbing the back of his now bruised head. “S- s- sorry father I-”

“Do not call me father, you’re wearing the armor of a knight not the sleeping gown of a still teething babe. Stand up straight, you’re in the presence of a Lord, Knight now!” 

“Ah you must be Lord Gerald Cadmael Vandas, Yes? I am called Theogin by my brothers, but you may call me father, brother whatever you wish.” One of the Thiests priests stood and dipping his hands into his sleeves.

Gerald looked over the man, he wore the robes of the Thiest Church, a deep crimson with a black wolf’s belt slung over his shoulders and a metal helm dangling at his hip opposite from a longsword and dagger. “I am Lord Gerald Cadmael Vandas, I didn’t know that this room was to be used as a chapel. I would’ve sent Sir Vandas to equip himself in the stables.”

The priest gave Gerald a small smile, his bright white teeth showing that they’re missing along one side. Lifting a hand he would say. “There is no need to apologize, We simply felt an urging from the gods to speak with the young knight before his joust and lost track of time. He is quite adept at Theological debate and discussion. He knows many prayers from the heart quite in pressive for a boy of his age, yes? Most are interested in the pleasures of the flesh, either the belly or well below that.”

“Ah yes, He has had the finest instructors that our house could provide him. Begins every day with prayer and ends it the same. Nothing strengthens a knight’s resolve more than training and the gods. Right, Boy?” Puffing his chest out. 

“Y-yes, Your Lordship. After every meal, My drill instructor Erick taught me the legionaire’s battle prayers as well.”

“Did he now? Though I would think that your back doesn’t strengthen your resolve much? Perhaps I should speak with the Drill Instructor Erick, he seems to have forgotten a few prayers for the Mother and Father to teach you.” The priest positioned his arm on the young man’s shoulders and add. “If you would allow me and my brothers to assist the young knight in his final preparations he’ll be on the field in a matter of minutes, yes?”

Sir Yerrkin spoke, “Sir Vandas hasn’t earned the right to have a squire yet, it wouldn’t be proper-”

“Oh you assume me to be a squire then Sir knight- What was your name? Ah It doesn’t matter. No, I’m not going to squire for the boy, simply finish our prayers and rites while assisting him in donning his armor. Agreeable?”
Working his Jaw Gerald bit out, “Vary well, Sir Vandas. I expect you to conduct yourself like a knight of our house ought to. Remember what I said about fighting other men.”

“Fight with valor till the last drop.”

Nodding Gerald turned on his heel in one smooth motion Sir Yerrkin followed after. The Sargeant stayed a moment longer, Gerald faintly hearing him say. “Make ‘em eat the fecking dirt lad, then roll them under then beat the little princeling’s arse.”

After rounding a corner into the covered way of the courtyard Gerald felt Sir Yerrkin’s hand on his shoulder, jerking his arm away he rounded on the knight hissing out. “What is it, you stiff necked baboon? What questions rattle around your saddle bag shaped head.”

“I- Sire, Sir Vandas needs a squire, yes? Or he won’t be able to joust, he hasn’t earned it yet but he still needs one. Who-”

“Are you volunteering? Do you truly wish to belittle yourself with such a lowly position as to be Sir Vandas’ squire for the day?” After a moment of the Knight’s silent contemplation he’d continue. “Or would you rather sit in the noble’s box with me where you could perhaps play at your political play you so enjoy? Talking in the ear of this noble and that.”

Stiffening his shoulders he’d say. “If you were to command-”

“Do not speak those words unless you want their full repercussions to fall about your neck Yerrkin. Link a vise gripping about your honor should the boy lose. My House’s honor.”

Sir Yerrkin would give a firm nod. “Sire, he is your heir. I am sworn to you and your house, he deserves to be given the chance to gain the honor and privilege of a squire. This bout of jousts I hope that you will grant him it.”

Gerald turned from his guard pacing slightly. “Why would you risk this for me Yerrkin? Twelve years you’ve served me, and my father five years before that. Do you- You want him to replace me. Sir Yerrkin, is this perhaps the truth.”

“Sire No!” Stepping closer the Knight would kneel. “Let the Gods forsake me should I ever prove untrue Sire. I simply believe that if you where to allow your heir a squire and perhaps a group of men to lead then you could resent him less your ire for his murder of his mother might be eased. I offer my honor on the line this day for you my lord.”

“You- You’ve been true all these years, I- I trust you Sir Yerrkin. Stand and be free of my doubts. Should you wish to Squire for Sir Vandas I shall not attest it.” 

“The prancing Laddy won’t be needing a Square like Sir Yerrkin to be doing his doing. I’ll be about it. Been training the lad since he could pick up a stick, might as well see him fight with a bigger one for the first time.” Sergeant Erick interjected walking down the hall to join them, his cane tapping along the ground. Giving Sir Yerrkin a small smirk looking down at the kneeling knight.

“What is so funny, you up jumped peasant?”

“Oh nothing, tell ya in a minute. Sire, let me Squire for the boy.” The older man took a step forward. “As your father had me first squire for you before you earned a noble brat to do yer doing.”

“I’m- I’ll allow it.” Gerald would soon turn and start to walk down the cobbled corridor of the keep’s courtyard he heard an amused voice of Sergeant Erick say. “Oh by the way Sir yur-kin, Yer kneelin in horse shit.”

The Market Price: The Cure

Sir Thomas Valek paced back and forth, from one side of the long hallway to the other. His agitation grew more and more justified, the spire creatures standing at the doorway to his lord’s quarters had not allowed him entry to watch over his sire as the “Merchant” worked. They had actually said nothing, not a sound. Perhaps it was even worse than that and the things hadn’t even moved or twitched. There was a horrible smell coming from the room which those in the manor found quite alarming. The smell of ammonia and copper filled the halls of the manor, hanging in the air and coating the tongue. 

Perhaps Sir Valek should’ve thrown in with the eldest son of his sire and left to seek aid from the temples for whatever heresy against all decent and holy things was going on beyond that doorway. Gerald the younger must’ve understood his father’s desire to live for a while longer however not to the reason of turning to the spire’s tonics and brews. Those however stopped working quite sometime ago, Lord Gerald had requested something more extensive be done. His “Merchant” whom he spoke so highly of acquiesced to the man’s request and agreed to slow or reverse the process of the nobleman’s aging. The “Merchant” however negotiated such a steep price for it that many of the house’s courtiers questioned the Lord’s sanity. Lord Gerald however simply dismissed them all. 

Now the whole house would be stuck with the tithe that the Merchant’s treatments would cost. All of the trees, plants and animals from the Frog woods. Fifty square miles of woodlands spread across the hills of the family’s estate. Half of it was being felled and processed now, scant days after the agreement was signed. 

Pausing, Sir Valek shuddered at the memories of the things that now stalked those hills. Great lumbering monsters with mouths more akin to saw blades then mouths, simply tubes of teeth undulating within gaping caverns. They weren’t harvesting the plants in the Frog woods. The things were eating them. The trees down to the roots, the ponds down to their scummy bottoms. The creatures had seemed to be gaunt with hunger when they arrived but when he had left they had fattened themselves on everything but still glutted themselves more and more. 

Suppressing a shiver he would return to his pacing, back and forth, back and forth. Finding his agitations reaching its limits he would say loud enough for the quibbling scribe Daniel to hear him. “When did that blasted merchant say this would be over? It has been days it feels like.”

Daniels would pale at the knight’s sudden questioning. “We- well, T- the Lord said it would take a few days and this Merchant fellow nodded his head in agreement with him. So I suppo-”
“Listen Daniels, how many days ago did he say that? It has been four since I excorted that ‘Yellow Harvester’ fellow to the Frog Hills and explained where the extent of the lands ended, what was the boundry line of their fucking agreement with the Lord.” Sir Valek work his jaw biting out his discontent while fighting to keep any amount of respect in his voice.

Fumbling the scribe would flip through the sheets of paper. “Thee- uh, ah here it is. The contract states that the lord will be of full health in… One hundred and eighteen hours, uh however it does say that the ‘treatments’ must continue for a second round next year at which time another sub-text say they’ll collect the remaining payment. So uh Sir Valek only a few more hours and we may forget about this whole arrangement for yet another year.”

Sir Valek perked at the mention of them coming next year, with a deep breath he would mutter to himself. “I’ve given up my honor and stretched the limits of my faith and tolerance to ensure my oath of loyalty to my lord remains fulfilled. Hold the line, old tom, Hold the line.” 

Daniel would tilt his head and ask. “Pardon? Did you say somethi-”

The scribe became silent as the lock on the master bedroom clicked unlocked. The spire guards stepped aside without words or command, their yellow coral arms and armor rattling slightly. Before Daniel and Sir Valek could move towards the doorway, it opened releasing both a figure and a steamy vapor from it. The vapor stank of sweat, ammonia and blood. The Figure was dressed in ivory and burgundy robes with yellow coral mask and jewelry adorning their form. Unlike the guards the figure was far too human for the knight’s personal liking. It inclined it’s head to the pair and waved them to step towards it. Sir Valek needed no beckoning like a spire dog, he strode towards it not stepping. Daniel meekly followed afterwards clutching at his precious parchments. The thing spoke saying. “We believe when your lord wakes he will find our arrangement satisfactory. As such our end of the contract is fulfilled, we will expect your end to be upheld.”

Sir Valek’s jaw started to tick and his agitation returned. The thing spoke as if it was many which the knight found annoying. “Very well, you will see it is fulfilled.”

The thing dipped it’s head down and to the side, the knight might assume a mocking of a bow if the thing had been human. Daniel would ask. “Are you and your uh men- troops, to be leaving tonight or on the lord’s waking?”

The figure would turn to the short scribe and do another head tilt dipping it more forward. “Sadly no, we’re to remain till your master is no longer resting, a few hours should do.”

Crossing his arms Valek would say. “Then your guards won’t need to remain in his quarters or have your guards at his door?”

The figure would look to Valek and stare at him, Valek had wanted to phrase it as a command however he didn’t want his lord to feel he had offended his guests. The moment would be drawn longer and longer till the figure responded. “If it would please our dear Patron’s courtiers we will allow them to guard him so long as we are allowed to continue to observe the progress of their recovery.”

Daniel responded first. “That is agreeable, so long as we may first view our lord to ensure that he is well after your- uh ‘Process’ is that Agreeable?”

The figure would turn their head to the short scribe again then state. “Agreed. Please enter but do not touch anything as we’re still in the process of the treatment.” 

“Very well…” Sir Valek would grate out. 

An all too unnaturally graceful turn and the figure returned to the insides of the room. 

The pair of humans followed the spire into the expansive room that once held the vivid tapestries and finely detailed paintings, the vaulted windows and richly worked rose and ebony furniture, the velvet curtains and silken sheets and pillows. All that was now gone except the bed it’s expected emptiness suspiciously filled with vines and roots. Sir Valek let his eyes trail across the expansive growths, their pathways criss crossing leading to-

“That must be the largest goose egg I’ve ever seen…” Daniel said as he looked at the large oblong shape resting in the center of the room. 

More figures attend to it, placing their hands against it’s surface. As the pair drew closer they could see that it wasn’t as smooth as they had thought, it had many bumps and dimples in it. Along with the long slit at its crown which Thomas surmised was it’s entrance. The thing however did look like a goose egg, one sitting in a nest of fleshy roots and vines that spread out along nearly every surface of the master bedroom. 

Breathlessly Valek spoke aloud to the figure they had followed in. “H- W- how much longer before he is ready to emerge.”

The thing tilted it’s head at him then would look to the others, each of them looking back to the figure and then back to the egg. The moments stretched and Valek was opening his mouth to restate his question when the figure spoke. “Roughly three minutes and forty seconds. Please stand back.” 

Daniel grasping at Valek’s arm and whispers to him. “This is wrong of me to ask Sir Valek but what if his lordship- What is changed by this ‘treatment’ of these things…”

Sir Valek didn’t answer but stared at the small scribe with a worried look. Then the pair stepped back as they had been urged to. As they watched the group of figures tended to the large pod. After a few moments there was a soft sound that rose and repeated from within the pod. Like stirring oat porridge the sound repeated four or five times. From the seam at the crown of the pod a hand reached out. It’s fingers grasping and reaching out of the pod, smeared in an orange honey that began to drip and drizzle out of the edge of the pod’s seam. 

Taking a step forward to look more closely, Valek could see it better. “That can’t be the Lord’s hand, it isn’t wrinkled or fragile. It’s strong and healthy. Muscles are strong and the joints unbent or swollen.” 

Daniel would step forward as well, both men watching in fascination as a strong powerfully muscled arm tore it’s way from the seam reaching our blindly to it pulled back to grasp at the pod opening. Another arm soon fights it’s way free of the syrup, both grasp at the edge of the pod and push. The seam cracks wide, the shell of the pod splintering with spiderweb cracks all about it. For a few moments it seems to hold it’s shape till the form within begins to kick and struggle against the syrupy confines of the pods’ now shattered interior. 

The robed figures all around the pods stepped back and allowed the man to continue to struggle. After a few moments Sir Valek demanded in a combative tone but controlling his anger. “Why won’t you assist him with leaving your- instrument.” 

All of the figures glances to the knight in casual fluid unison and tilting their heads in their strange bows would motion at once towards the pod. The knight would hesitate for a moment before stepping forward and dipping his fingers into the goopy mass he’d begin to yank chunks of the shell’s pod free from around his lord. 

With in a few moments of sticky work he found his master beneath it all. The elderly man was no longer so frail and elderly. The “Merchant” had done his work to the letter of the contract, Lord Gerald had his youth returned. No longer did he look shriveled by his seventy winters of biting cold or seventy summers of crushing conflict. He was young, bright strawberry locks of hair now adorning his head thick and full. No longer a thin patchy gathering of white cobwebs. His body was now toned, fit and muscular as if back in his glory days of old. 

With a gasp Valek stole air back into his lungs. Looking at one of the figures, the other figures, now slicing goblets of the root like flesh off the walls. “Ha- H- How have you been able to do this thing?” 

The figure would tilt bow it’s head and place its hands in it’s lap. “Nothing is beyond the Spire’s ability to achieve with enough time.”

Valek opened his mouth to speak, hands seized him about his collar, with spittle and orange honey dribbling from his mouth Lord Gerald asked. “Where is the traitorous son of mine?!”

House Deveaux: A house of Divinity

Long ago, the name Deveaux was known far and wide as a strong, noble and powerful name in the hearts and minds of men. A house born of hard work, blood, sweat and tears by humble labourers and selfless nobility. It once ruled the lands of the south east between the areas now know as La Fouldre and Og’Domn.

When the Fall happened, there was a time where House Deveaux still managed to hold out and survive the first two centuries. Suffering and enduring the Long Winter and attacks from various outside forces that sought to take advantage of the chaos created from the Fall. Soon enough, the kingdom fell after many famines, invasions and cold snaps.

Many centuries later, during the embroiling conflicts of current time a descendant of the Deveaux bloodline, Duchess Marchesa Deveaux. Marchesa is a young woman of twenty four years, but the only known descendant of the bloodline left alive to this day. This cling to the old world has enthralled many to praise and follow her as the so called “Second coming” of Saint Agobard, a long dead devout follower of the Theist faith.

Due to this, Marchesa has developed a near zealot like fanaticism towards the Theist faith, converting many people to what she sees as “the One True Faith”. This has not gone unnoticed either, those higher up in the Theists took notice of the fledgling noble and approached her, offering to help her retake her ancestral home as by her right. In return for their assistance, Duchess Marchesa has pledged her kingdom and it’s resources to the cause of the faith. Sending able men and women to fight under the Theist banner whenever they are needed.

Now, with her numbers swollen and fervour ignited, she marches towards her soon to be kingdom, to take what is hers. But it will not be easy. The Dwegholm of Og’Domn seek the lands to be theirs due to the rich abundance of rare metals in it’s soil that make it ideal for making armour. There are also those of the Orders, the survivors of the Last Legion who defended mankind from the darkness. Seeking to make sure the church do not claim a foothold in the region through their puppet leader.

Southampton Sluggaz Summer Slaughter – A Conquest Tournament

Event Review.

Well it finally happened! Last Saturday, After 18 months of sitting idle during the Pandemic we finally managed to gather a bunch of players for a Conquest Tournament. The event was held at our usual Club Venue in Southampton and consisted of 3 games at 1250 points. The scenarios were all objective based, with 2 games being variations of the ones you find in the official Parabellum Tournament pack, and another of my own devising.

We had 10 attendees in total for the event, some experienced, some not, and some that had literally had a demo game with me a few weeks prior and were borrowing forces (which is a compliment to the game, that people are so excited after a single game to give up their time for a whole day event!)

The factions were broken down as follows:

6 x Hundred Kingdoms
3 x Dweghom
1 x Nords

Whilst our club does have Spires and Wadhrun players, they were either unable to attend or in the case of the Wadhrun not assembled in time (Paul had to borrow my Dweghom instead of shoving Orcs everywhere– poor thing!)

The lists were all a little different from each other. I’ve collated the armies into the table below. It shows the total number of stands present, though in some cases they may be spread amongst multiple regiments:

The first game scenario had two objectives spaced evenly across the middle of the table. The players swiftly got into the swing of things with all but one of the games being finished within the 2 hour time slot. Two of the players scored a maximum 12 victory point win to head into an early lead.

Game 2 was a scenario of my own devising with 3 objectives running up the middle of the table. Players would not score anything for the one nearest them, 1 vp for the middle objective and 2vps for the furthest away. Obviously the enemy would be aiming for the one nearest them, so they still had to work to deny it to their opponent.

The hundred Kingdoms Clash!

James and his Hundred Kingdoms continued their rampage with another 12 vp win, which was more impressive because he was against Mike H, whos Dweghom had also scored maximum points on the previous game. Ian also managed a fine win with his infantry based Hundred Kingdoms whilst Vaughan slowly crept up the table with a close win against Toby (Literally a few different dice rolls would have seen the Nords defeated). Poor old Paul was really regretting not having his Wadhrun finished at this point, though it looked like the awesome Wooden Spoon trophy was within his grasp!

Game 3 saw James and Ian face off at the top Table whilst Vaughans Nords squared up against yet more Hundred Kingdoms. The final scenario had a central objective. plus 4 other objectives in the middle of each table quarter. Players would score 1vp for holding BOTH their nearest objectives, and a VP for each of the other ones.

Unstoppable force versus Immovable object!

James and Ian slogged the hell out of each other, in what was a really close match. Eventually James gained the upper hand and managed yet ANOTHER 12vp win! The first prize was most definitely his!

The Nords embarked on a massively one sided slaughter of their opponents to secure a 2nd place finish, whilst Ian clung on to the 3rd place despite losing to James in the final game.

Down at the foot of the table Paul grimly claimed his Wooden Spoon prize, and vowed never to borrow any of my stuff ever again (probably)

The top 3 players each walked away with a victory mug, with First and second place also receiving a regiment box of their choice (James got Longbowmen, Vaughan got more Trolls – which we all hate him for). There was also a “side quest” of killing the most number of enemy Characters. Ian was our Assassin of the day, killing 8 characters across 3 games. As his prize he got a character box of his choice and went for an Imperial Officer.

Crimson Tower Knights showing no mercy to innocent dweghom. probably.

I’ll leave you with a lovely little piece from our winner James regarding the thought process behind his list.


“So I attended a tournament of Conquest: TLoK, and while I intended to try to offer a fun but challenging experience to my opponents, I did not imagine I would actually win, and with maximum points per game, too! The event was semi-competitive; yes there was a prize and trophy that incentivised an element of competition, but the main aim was to enjoy a day of just playing the game and if you happened to walk away with something then that was just a bonus. It was this ethos that I designed my list, to hopefully offer a force that wasn’t spamming ridiculous units but was challenging to face ad against which my opponents had to think about what they were going to do.

The list I took was:


The Hundred Kingdoms – 1245/1250
Novum Equestrum

Noble Lord [150]: Tier 3, Tier 2, Tier 1, Armor of Dominion, Powerful Physique

– Household Guard (5) [315]: Armsmaster, Standard Bearer

– Mercenary Crossbowmen (4) [140]

Priory Commander (Ord. Crimson Tower) [125]: Select as Warlord

– Order of the Crimson Tower (3) [215]: Standard Bearer

Chapter Mage [130]: Tier 1, Magus, Olefant’s Roar, Fire Dart

– Men at Arms (4) [170]: Seasoned Veteran


I would like to put a disclaimer that I know very little about proper list building. I do not do “mathshammer” or statistics or anything like and this list includes everything I wanted to play with on the day – overall, if you don’t actually enjoy playing with the models and force you use then what’s the point?

I made the list to not only be a fun force to play, but it has a theme as well. Like many 100 Kingdom players, I’m sure, I have imagined a kingdom within Ea and based my collection around this. For me, my kingdom or called Novum Equestrum – hence the name of the list. The name means “new Horsemen”. It is a city-region that specialises in equine breeding and trade, and also provides the best horses to a nearby Crimson Tower Priory. The kingdom also has a treaty and trade with an established Nordic settlement within its land, and incorporates Nord warriors into its military – much like Rome and her allies and auxiliary forces. Likewise, Nordic culture has also seeped into the kingdom and influenced style and art. The ruling houses, in acts of support and friendship with the Priory, rejects the Church, and so does not house any priests, but does have mage advisors. This then was the theme I wanted for the army.

I have converted some Household Knights with some Huscarl models to create my household squires. I was originally going to include these into my list instead of the Crimson Tower Knights, but while it meant the squires could run up the field and mean any medium units could be entering the board almost half way up, I chose Crimson Tower simply for the joy it brings me when they get their charge off and inflict all those impact hits and the idea of just heavy cavalry smashing into their poor targets! With the Crimson Towers knights, I’m not fussed about if they get to fight the turn they charge, but getting that charge off, so will (more often than not after failing a 2” charge before – even with a banner) move and then charge – often the same turn enacting the supremacy of the Priory Commander who is usually my Warlord. I also often tell this to my opponents, explaining especially the Unstoppable Charge special rule if they haven’t encountered it before.

I also like to take credit for our little local gaming community in Southampton often taking a mage with Olefant’s Roar. I tried it once and never went back. I usually give the mage Fire Dart, and with Olefant’s Roar giving her Seize the Day, it means I can activate her Men at Arms regiment, have them activate bastion in doing so, move, and either volley (to allow the mage even extra range damage) or move again – it effectively means she can immediately have better protection through bastion, and turns her 16” range on her spell into 26”. This alongside Magus and Magic Tier 1, meant that Fire Dart was very often hitting 4 or 5 times reliably, and in one of the games, made her more deadly than the knights! In hindsight, this may have been a bit too OP, but certainly wasn’t a conscious attempt at power-gaming.

For the Noble Lord and Household Guard: the Guard are just fantastic models and they look amazing when ranked up, and the Noble Lord compliments them so well, especially when they’re given Arms Master. I did think about taking Regalia of the Empire for that extra +1 Clash, but it would have meant I had to either abandon the Crimson knights, or reduce the stands of either the MaA or Crossbowmen which I didn’t want to do – and Inspired Clash 4 is still nothing to snort at! The remaining points I put into the combat Tiers for the Lord, who also had Amour of Dominion; the armour was always going to be taken as negating cleave for 40pts was worth it, especially when seeing Dragon Slayers entering the board during one of my games. The Crossbowmen also just offered some range threats and having an extra stand just meant a little more reliability of not necessarily deleting units, but knocking off a few wounds here or there – especially in the late game when regiments may already be pretty worn down.

Overall, the list offered options for defensive play, offense, and worked well to support  each regiment. The list also had a few sources for AP, Cleave and of course the Brutal Impact 2 of the knights, all of which I hoped would make the opponent think rather than just running down the centre of the board. The list then was to be fun but demand pause for tactical thought – which is what I expected and received from my opponents’ lists, too!”


The Southampton Sluggaz Gaming club will be hosting more tournaments in the future and hopefully we will see numbers increasing as the player base develops. We run friendly informal events with a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome players from the wider community so if you ever want to visit us for one of our events then get in touch and we will always try to accommodate you.

Path Of Conquest: Dave’s InSPIREing Blog – Part 4 “Drones sir, Thousands of ‘Em!”

Milestone 3 has been completed! We have now successfully converted our First Blood Warband into regimented blocks for the Last Argument of Kings massed battle system.

The Spires now sit at 1250 points and comprises the following:

As you can see, the main thing we have done this month is increase the sizes of the regiments that we already had in order to make them legal for Last Argument of Kings. I’ve added in some retinue and some upgrades into this list so let’s have a look at the new stuff in greater detail.


This lovely chap comes with the Biotic Renewal Draw Event as standard which is in itself a wonderful thing. There is an awesome combo (that I have shamelessly pinched from Andy Sparks – THANKS DUDE!!!) that enhances the healing ability even further. The Essence Transfer Biomancy lets you heal 2D6 wounds on an infantry regiment, at the expense of suffering 2D6 wounds on the regiment that the Biomancer is part of. This is brilliant for keeping your frontline regiments intact, but only whilst your Biomancers wound pool remains stocked. By adding the full Mastery of the Flesh Retinue, the Biomancer is able to use 2 Draw events per activation. This means he can Essence Transfer a pile of wounds onto a regiment that needs it, and then use the Biotic Renewal to heal D6 of those. It probably won’t heal up all of the wounds lost but it limits the amount lost for sure.

Mimetic Assassin

We have added the Degenerative Aura mutation to our Assassin. This is a really effective upgrade that bestows the Decay(3) draw event on regiments that are in contact with him or his regiment. This forces an enemy regiment that begins its activation in contact with the Assassins Drone regiment to roll 3D6 per stand at the end of their activation, and suffer a wound (Not a hit, a WOUND!!!) on the roll of a 5 or 6. It doesn’t cause resolve checks but it does ignore enemy defence and evasion so it can be really effective and certainly makes opponents think twice about engaging the regiment. Normally a good way of neutralising this would be to engage the character in a duel, but lets face it – who wants to be duelling an Assassin?!

Force Grown Drones

We have taken all 3 of our regiments up to 4 stands strong (16 models), each with the Pheromantic Node. Unlike in First Blood – you have to pay for the banners, and it is quite expensive at 25 points (the same as another whole stand!) but we already have them painted up and to be fair, rerolling charge distances isn’t a bad idea, plus they count as a leader so if we find our support characters engaged with something nasty, we wont take as many wounds as we run away! The reason I have gone for 4 stands instead of the minimum 3 is mainly because they are rather fragile and I want to be able to absorb a decent number of wounds without the unit being removed. No amount of healing will bring back a unit that is destroyed!


I actually got this force onto the tabletop recently (well – a slight variation of it, but broadly the same!) and it did really well. The drone wall was able to control the board really well, the assassins regiment got stuck in and wiped out a regiment of Milita and a Theist Priest in one glorious flank charge. The heavy hitters all dealt consistant damage with the Marksmen, Vanguards and Abomination all racking up quite a kill tally.

There was not anything really I would have changed, though there were a couple of times I messed up the order of the cards and couldn’t benefit from the Biomancies and Pheromancies. Still, that is all something that will come with practice and the list performed well against a solid opposing army.


So what next? As we move into Milestone 4, as are going to take ourselves up to 1600 points. I will add in a regiment of 3 Brute Drones for additional combat punch, and will increase our 3 Force Grown Drone regiments by another stand or two each. To round off the points, we will make our Assassin even more deadly by giving him the Venom upgrade. The force will (hopefully end up looking like this.

Will i stay on target? Will i run out of blue paint?! Will I follow through with my insane idea to name ALL my drones? Stay tuned next month to find out! You can follow the work in progress of this project on my instagram page ( Give it a like and a follow!

Path Of Conquest W’adrhun Milestone 2 and 3

Well it’s been an absolutely crazy few months but that path keeps going and the W’adrhun keep on getting painted. I walked into this excited for the W’adrhun and all they were bringing to the game and the feeling definitely hasn’t faded over time. I am just as excited for this army as I was at the beginning of the year and I cannot wait to get my hands on more of their amazing sculpts.

Last Milestone saw us end off with a fairly sizable first blood army, we are now looking to branch out and move to a mid sized The Last Argument of Kings list. We will be finishing that unit of Braves this month and bringing them to 12 models strong, we will be adding 2 stands to the Blooded giving us 20 models of blooded, and finally we will be adding Hunters and a Predator for some early pressure and ranged firepower. This will set the framework for our second warband and get us ready for the glorious Raptor Riders we will be adding next month.

The Predator we are adding this month is a very solid character with plenty of fantastic and tricky options he can take. We will be using him as our Warlord and his Supremacy is a thing to behold, rerolling charges for the turn and a litany of other bonuses based on the weight class of a regiment is just too good to pass up. With our Predator we bring out our trusty Hunters, Fast and deadly with the drawback of being fairly short ranged are their claim to fame. Hunters pack the coveted Deadly Shot, along with ap1 to help crack armor are solid stats. One could be confused looking at their 14 inch range and think they need to be right up on your opponent to effectively shoot but their Strong Arm rule solves that issue by letting them get unobscured shots at max range.

Milestone 3, while a little smaller, adds several of my personal favorite units from this army, The Raptor Riders. These guys are beasts and exemplify exactly what you want to be doing with the W’adrhun, hit hard and hit fast. Raptor Riders have a laundry list of special rules and each one is huge, Flurry, Deadly Shot, Fluid Formation, and a Barrage too is just icing on the cake. Their stat line is nothing to sneeze at either, March 8, and 5 Attacks each make these things deadly harassers and give them the ability to hit well above their light weight class. Raptor Riders are critical early game units for W’adrhun, giving us the ability to threaten large sections of the board early and allowing our mediums to come onto the board aggressively and in a great position.

As of the end of month three we are really starting to flesh out our W’adrhun and you should be starting to get a feeling of how this army plays. W’adrhun plays aggressively but they are not your normal Point and Click Aggressive army, you need to pick your fights and pick them right. Our battle cries give us the ability to punch way above our weight class and turn most fights in our favor but they require planning and require target prioritization. The best advice I can give to newer W’adrhun players is to set up your chant tokens while you make your command stack. This will allow you to see where you will hit your battle cries during your turn and possibly help plan them just a little more easily.

With milestones 2 and 3 come and gone we are nearly half way done with this Path of Conquest, The army is over half way completed and we are beginning to understand how to army ticks. Milestones 4 and 5 seek to fill out the army with more staples and also add the powerhouses of Warbred to our disposal. With all that being said, keep on painting, keep on playing games, and keep up the great work with all the great pictures you guys have been posting all over the place.

Audun54’s Dweghom Parts 3+4

Full Army shot before Fireforged were finished

Greetings my fellow Path travelers! The last two months have been incredibly busy but I am still maintaining a good pace with getting the Dweghom of Grel’Hof ready for battle. June saw the completion of my Milestone 2 and part of Milestone 3 by accident. When making my First Blood and Last Argument lists I did not realize that I had included my Milestone 3 Dragonslayers in my Milestone 2 First Blood list. So instead of being sensible and just painting what was called for I went ahead and did the whole regiment! Then do to various delays I put off this article until I had also finished the rest of Milestone 3 as well. Given that this will be the Milestone 2 and 3 update combined.

Now my list stands at a Hold Raegh accompanied by 24 Hold Warriors with a Leader and Standard Bearer and 12 Dragonslayers with a Leader and Standard Bearer all supported by a Tempered Sorcerer leading 12 Hold Ballistae with a Leader, 12 Fireforged with a Leader, and 3 fearsome Inferno Automata. Now lets do a breakdown of what we’ll be doing with this army.

=== The Last Argument of Kings ===

Dweghom – 800/800


Hold Raegh [80]: Select as Warlord

– Hold Warriors (6) [260]: Standard Bearer

Tempered Sorcerer [95]: Fireball

– Hold Ballistae (3) [165]: Leader

– Inferno Automata (3) [200]

Characters: 2

Light Regiments: 2

Medium Regiments: 1

Hold Raegh

Hold Raegh and Tempered Sorcerer

Quite a few people I know really love to tool this character up to make him a regiment annihilating monster. Trust me that I can definitely see the appeal but I prefer to run him with minimal upgrades for a very simple reason: the Raegh does not need the help. At Clash 4 with 6 Cleave 1 attacks he is already plenty dangerous and his high resolve makes his regiment virtually immovable. Why spend the extra points on making him deadlier when I can just bring along even more Dweghom?

Hold Warriors

What is a rank and flank battleline without a solid shieldwall to anchor it? Raw stats wise Hold Warriors are not much to look at but they makeup for it with dependability. Solid Defense paired with a character’s high Resolve makes it so they can grind their opponent into dust.


When you want any living thing sliced apart though that’s where Dragonslayers excel. Abomination rampaging along the lines? Dragonslayers will take care of it. The main difficulty with these guys is that they are not very fast and are Heavy infantry. So while they can and will kill anything on the battlefield they simply cannot be everywhere at once. This is why it is better to give them a specific mission or target to focus on. Destroying the right target at the right time will often time be the difference between victory and defeat. A tired adage admittedly but still accurate.

Tempered Sorcerer

Now we come to the most infamous and most popular unit in the Dweghom roster. Other’s have written more extensively and exhaustively about the terror this character inspires. I personally have had the most luck with just giving him a Fireball and sending him off to battle with either Hold Ballistae or Fireforged so that he can Volley and set people on fire throughout the game. Again I like to keep my character’s cheap so that I can bring more soldiers to the field.

Hold Ballistae

Like the Hold Warriors, Ballistae are a solid reliable feature of Dweghom warhosts and for good reason. They are decent shots but are shockingly durable. With a range of 24” and Defense 3 from the front these Light infantry honestly feel more like a Medium or Heavy in practice.


Basing was finished later that night

These fiery lads fit a very interesting role in the Dweghom roster in that they are quite literal tanks in the proper military sense. Heavily armored so that they can hold the line or break through while armed with anti-armor cannons makes these a priority target for any enemy. Given their high armor and ranged attack that also makes them a perfect bodyguard for the Sorcerer. They are not melee specialists but they have decent Clash while their high Defense makes them very difficult to shift out of combat. In either the next Milestone or the one after they’ll be accompanied by a Flamecaster to make their short range firepower significantly more threatening.

Inferno Automata

Honestly, this unit is one of the main reasons I picked Dweghom for my Path of Conquest army. Pseudo daemon possesed Light Cavalry equivalent running around on fire? How could I pass that up. Their speed more importantly allows me to put my opponent on the backfoot from the very beginning of the match. That high speed also makes them very flexible by making them excellent flankers assuming they survive by the time battlelines clash.

In addition to getting everyone painted up, the Dweghom of Grel’Hof actually took to the battlefield this month! Both in a demo game between two newer players and against Karnthis’ Nords the Dweghom emerged bloody but victorious.

Now by the end of July I aim to finish Milestone 3 which would have been the 12 Dragonslayers and 12 Fireforged bringing some much needed anti-armor assets to the army.

=== The Last Argument of Kings ===

Dweghom – 1185/1200


Hold Raegh [80]: Select as Warlord

– Dragonslayers (3) [255]: Standard Bearer

– Hold Warriors (4) [180]: Standard Bearer

Tempered Sorcerer [95]: Fireball

– Hold Ballistae (3) [150]

– Inferno Automata (3) [200]

– Fireforged (3) [225]: Leader

Characters: 2

Light Regiments: 2

Medium Regiments: 2

Heavy Regiments: 1

Path of Conquest: Dave’s inSPIREing Blog – Part 3 “The Clone Wars”

Milestone 2 has now been and gone, and this collection of models is beginning to look like an army now. The target for this month was to achieve the following:

I’m delighted to say that not only did I manage to complete the above, but I actually went one better and did all 12 Marksmen clones and all 12 Vanguard clones. This puts me nicely ahead for the next milestone.

We are now at 800 points, which in my opinion is probably the upper limit for First Blood. Here is a brief rundown of the units we’ve added in this Milestone:


This character brings yet more healing to the force with his Biotic Renewal draw event. When combined with the Pheromancers Accelerated Hibernation I fully expect to be able to reliably replenish casualties I suffer. He is poor in combat, so will need to be protected from enemy combat troops and characters.

Mimetic Assassin

This character is incredibly good in First Blood. Characters are normally quite vulnerable as they are not protected in a regiment (like in Last Argument). The Assassin however has an Evade stat of 3, which we are boosting by +2 with the Heightened Reflexes mutation, meaning that ANY wound he takes from Clash, duelling, direct damage magic or shooting will be saved on a 5 or less. Cleave is irrelevant to him! He’ll just dodge the massive axes! He has a decent number of attacks as well and will go first in duels thanks to his quicksilver strike special rule. His only slight weakness is a lack of Cleave, but he’ll certainly pull his weight in combat

Vanguard Clones

These are elite close combat troops. Each Clone has 2 attacks and a decent defence score, backed by evade 2 as well. Much like the assassin, they lack cleave, but sheer weight of attacks will tell against most enemy regiments. They’re also quite fast with a movement of 6 so can really to where they are needed.

Marksmen Clones

These are elite ranged troops. They have everything you need to smash enemies at a distance with lots of shots, a long range and the wonder arcing fire special rule, letting them use a friendly regiment to draw line of sight. They are only lightly armoured so careful positioning is needed to keep them alive, though the healing abilities of the Pheromancer and Biomancer will keep them combat effective.

We now begin Milestone 3, and this is going to be an interesting month as we convert the above First Blood Skirmish force into a 1250 point Last Argument of Kings force.

The obvious things changing will be the size of the regiments. Infantry, cavalry and Brute regiments all need to have a minimum of 3 stands of troops (a stand is 4 infantry models, or a single Brute/Cavalry model). Right now, all of the units apart from the Abomination are under this minimum threshold, so we need to bulk out what is already there. We will expand both Clone regiments to the minimum of 3 stands. We will also need to increase the Force Grown Drone numbers to make up for their below average individual stats, so I’m going to take all three of the drone regiments up to 4 stands worth of miniatures with 16 drones in each unit.

By the end of the next milestone (11th August if I stay on target!) The army will look like this:

This means that I need to add the following to the force: 6 x Marksmen Clones, 6 x Vanguard clones & 21 Force Grown Drones which should be perfectly achievable in a month.

This will give me 3 regiments of drones, each with a character embedded in them, and each fulfilling a different battlefield role. The assassins regiment is tasked with spreading decay into enemy regiments, whilst the biomancers regiment is simply a pool of wounds to be spread around the other regiments with the harvest essence ability. The Pheromancers regiment is purely there to keep him alive and healing.

The damage dealers will be the Abomination and the two Clone regiments. They are proper elite units that can go head to head with almost anything else in the game.

Stay tuned to see if I manage to get the next batch painted up!!!