Frostbitten and hard as nails warriors from the north. Their ferocious attitude to life, love and war is reflected on the battlefield. The Nords have less synergy and distinctiveness than other races; but they can be broadly categorized into humans and monsters.

Overall, the Nords strategy is ABC, Always Be Charging. Mostly this is true, with the distinct lack of armor carried by most of its troops, the Nords have low defense stats across the board. However, they make up for it with a strong offensive capability. Which isn’t to say that all, or any of, the troops are pushovers. Trolls for instance are a mean mainstay for the blooded, allowing you to field brutal troops capable of dealing with almost anything and regenerating if they take too many hits.

Their leaders are, except for the shaman, strong combat troops that can add a solid punch to units. The Blooded can also utilize tricks to get his warband onto the field quicker, allowing the glass cannon troops to set up for idea charging positions early on.

With the advent of 1.5 and its boost to the Jotnar, and as we see more monster regiments released, the true face of the Nords becomes apparent. Initially seen as a human faction, the Nords are decidedly not. Trolls, Fenr and Jotnar are just a few of the terrifying regiments that serve to give the Nords more staying power.

The Nords favor aggressive, rapid play but their lighter infantry can be bolstered by tough, hard-hitting units. By fielding great hulking monsters alongside the human troops, the Nord army list is becoming more varied, and more deadly.

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