Judgewyrm’s Path of Conquest W’adrhŭn

Over the past several months I have made no secret of my love for the new W’adrhŭn faction entering the game. I was lucky enough to run the army through its paces in playtesting and have a very good feel for it now. My excitement for the army has only increased with every sculpt and piece of support we have received for the W’adrhŭn. All of this taken into account, I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I decided to take on yet another path of conquest for this fantastic army. Over the next 5 months I will be grabbing any and all W’adrhŭn kits I can to make one hell of a stunning 2000 point army. I will break down the whys and hows as we expand the army from a humble 400 point First blood list all the way to the end game of a full The Last Argument of Kings army.

There is some very good news and some less than good news when it comes to the initial release of the W’adrhŭn. The less then good news is that we have a fairly limited roster consisting of 6 regiment choices and 3 characters, However the good news is that each and every regiment we have can pull its weight. Receiving 6 regiments off the bat that can all pull their weight is just fantastic and will really lead to some nice balanced lists.

For month one and my first blood army I will be ending some something that looks like this,
=== First Blood ===

The W’adrhŭn – 397/400
400 path of conquest

Scion of Conquest [195]: Select as Warlord, Aberration, Crescendo, Mantle of the Devoted, Famine

  • Blooded (12) [132]: Standard Bearer
  • Braves (7) [70]

Blooded are absolutely amazing in the army, backed up by an aberration and mantle of the devoted to make them fanatic and they are primed to be a major powerhouse on the board. The Scion of Conquest is a jack of all trades character and fantastic at pretty much everything, his spell is impactful, he can smash faces in melee at cleave 2 and he even has a few points of evasion to save himself in a pinch, overall a fantastic character. Finally we have some braves to round out this list, these guys are more defensively built then the Blooded but still have some bite. The Braves will really shine down the line when we get a little more support for them.

An easy first month to start off a new Path and I am just so excited to get this underway. Make sure to keep an eye on social media for all our other players following along with the Path of Conquest and watch out for more events and challenges as we move along.