Path of Conquest 2: This Time It’s Personal

So here we are again, the second Path of Conquest. For those who have recently joined the community, this may mean nothing. Path of Conquest was an event for four gamers from OnTabletop to build an army each. Para Bellum did their official one, and another group of Vanguards did an unofficial one. Both were very interesting and it was great to follow along with other gamers and see what people could make of their armies. At the time the only four factions were the Hundred Kingdoms, the Spires, the Nords and the Dweghom. Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, we have the W’adrhûn arriving. 

For this Path, I have chosen to build a 2000 point W’adrhûn army. Now, I’m not a power gamer and one of the main things I love about Conquest is the strength of themed armies. By theme I mean that the mechanics of the army fit their playstyle. For example the Hundred Kingdoms are a bunch of mortal men fighting far more powerful races, to win they must work together. By combining aspects of their combat they succeed best when their units rely on synergy. Often the careful and dogged commander of the Hundred Kingdoms forces sees his efforts rewarded.

Spires are ruthless and callous, throwing away lives to the grinding gears of war. With mass-produced drones and clones making up the bulk of their forces, they have little concern for destroyed units, so long as the enemy pays a higher cost. 

Furthermore, the Dweghom, fuelled by unrelenting rage, represent their staunch nature with high defence and resolve and an elite army. Their slower but unstoppable pace truly represents the rage-filled hearts that tried to break the world – and nearly succeeded. 

Last but not least, we have the bare-skinned Nords foraying south to raid the richer lands of the Hundred Kingdoms, their varied monsters and frenzied humans portray the harsh life and frantic pace of war they wage. 

The W’adrhûn are a young, yet diverse and eclectic culture. To represent this as best as I could, and to showcase as much of the upcoming catalogue as possible, I have chosen a bit of everything to include in my army. I have three warbands, each led by a different character. Within, I have some sturdy units of Braves, Blooded, Hunters and Slingers. Later in the Path they will be joined by the Queen, the Raptor Riders and the Warbred. To begin with, my First Blood force will be centred around the Warband box, a small number of Blooded, Braves and Hunters will accompany the Predator and the Scion of Conquest respectively. Then as time goes on I will have a larger force, featuring the Raptor Riders and greater numbers of Infantry. As we arrive at the larger points threshold of the Last Argument of Kings ruleset, I hope to begin introducing the Queen and her Warbred. Finally, with minor reinforcements bringing up the totals, my W’adrhûn warhost will be ready to enter the Gate and stand with their uneasy allies against the oncoming storm of the Old Dominion.

I am immensely excited to be part of this project and I hope that you will follow along with us and enjoy the armies that we create.

For those curious about my first milestone, please see the army list posted below.

=== First Blood! ===

The W’adrhŭn – 399/400

PoC FB W’adhrûn list

Predator [85]: Select as Warlord, Death

– Hunters (4) [48] 

– Slingers (4) [52] 

Scion of Conquest [130]: Crescendo, Death

– Braves (4) [40] 

– Blooded (4) [44] 

Characters: 2

Light Regiments: 2

Medium Regiments: 2

Heavy Regiments: 0