Path of Conquest, A Call to Arms

It’s been an exciting few months in the Conquest world and I’m sure everyone is excited to kick off the second Path of Conquest, featuring everyone’s favorite dinosaur riding orcs, The W’adrhŭn. This is now my second foray into the Path of Conquest event and I am incredibly excited to get underway with this one as the W’adrhŭn are very near and dear to me. I had the absolute pleasure of playtesting this army and without a doubt this is the most fun army I have ever played in all my years of miniature games. All this aside let’s break into what the Path of Conquest is, what your part will be in it if you want to join in, and what’s in it for you by following along.

So, what is the Path of Conquest? Simply enough, we set a goal, any goal will do. For the group of dorks I have roped into this the end goal will be a 2000 point The Last Argument of Kings army, starting with a First Blood army to get things rolling. Our goal is to hit Five 400 point milestones and show off our progress along the way. While painting we will be uploading articles about our builds along with any advice for painting and playing the army we can come up with. Going more in depth, Milestone 1 will be a 400 point First Blood army. Milestone 2 will expand that army to 600 points while adding an extra 200 to our Last Argument of Kings Army. Milestone 3 we will start again, a second 400 point First Blood army and Milestone 4 will have the same goal as number 2. Finally we will wrap up with Milestone 5 and add the last 400 points to finish up our full 2000 point army. It sure sounds simple now but i’m sure things will get hectic.

With that out of the way, where do you come in on this equation. My goal for this event is to, as a community do something we can be really proud of, get some more people into the game, show off and celebrate what we can paint, and most of all show people how great this game is and its community. By signing up below you can sign up to join this Path with us, set your own goal and join us in blowing up social media everywhere with the amazing game that is Conquest. We will follow your posts, see your progress, and at the end there will be some fun rewards for those who followed along.

On that note let’s talk about what’s in this for you. First off. For those who signed up we will be raffling off a First Blood starter kit of your choice to help you get started with milestone one. This will be a great opportunity for those wanting to start a new army or if you have a friend who hasn’t quite taken the plunge just yet. Second, when all is said and done, the six of us will decide who produced our favorite army, that lucky person will receive a founders model of their choice from the original four. Our second favorite army will receive 100 dollars to be used on the eshop, and last but not least our favorite First Blood army will receive 50 dollars to the eshop. Now, finally and most importantly, we will all receive the opportunity to grow this community and show people that this game is here to stay as we walk this Path of Conquest.

So that’s The Path of Conquest, I encourage everyone to sign up below and join in so we can make this as big as possible. It’s time to get those minis out that are collecting dust, get that friend into the game that’s been thinking about it for months, or get that army that you have been eyeing on the side. Get painting, get posting, and get ready to listen to six guys who barely understand the game try to form coherent sentences for the next 5 months.

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