Tis’ our home and yar not welcome!

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: Dyrbarn. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Points: 3000


Fluff Defender: Your scouts have spotted an enemy invasion party known for raiding, pillaging, and taking slaves. After many years of turmoil you finally established a foothold for your people to call home. Rally your men, raise your proud icon and prepare for battle!

Fluff Attacker: You have been exiled from your home and the few troops who remain loyal to you have followed what seems the end of the world with you. The land you spotted is bountiful however there is resistance. Prove to your men that following you wasn’t a mistake. Destroy the resistance, tear down their icon and raise your own. Raze the town to the ground so you can raise your own.

Battlefield: 6’x4′

Reinforcements: Attacker’s reinforcement edge is the player side of table 12 inches from center line of table. Defender’s edge is player side and narrow table edges to represent troops arriving to aid their warlord

Rounds: 12

Win Conditions: Whomever has the most points by the end of game. In case of a tie whoever has the most surviving points of regiments wins.

Scoring: Victory points:

  • 1 for killing regiments 
  • 1 for razing building for attackers
  • 1 for destroying transportation for defenders
  • 2 for capturing objectives scout found on opponent’s side
  • 5 for razing icon for attacker
  • 5 for defending icon for defender
  • 3 for killing the warlord

Special Rules: Special rules: to raze buildings, icon, and transportation a regiment must be in base contact and spend 2 actions to destroy.

Notes: Terrain requirements:

Defender has 5 buildings anywhere within 12 inches of their table edge and 9 inches apart. Same criteria for transport for attackers. Icon in center of table. Each player take turns placing 3-5 extra terrain no bigger than 1 foot wide and length.