The Battle at the Gate of Ghe’Domn

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: Grauer Prophet. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Mat Size: 6’x4′

Points: 3000

Fluff: The last warrior was taken down by the projectile, piercing right through his armour into his chest. The shaft was lost in the thick grey beard of the Dweghom. Within a couple of minutes the rearguard has been taken out by the human attackers; not a single survivor was able to flee, nor taken prisoner.

She reached out with black tendrils of pure energy, closing her eyes to open her sins to the aura and waves of magic surrounding her. „There“, she thought. „There it is… the artifact those little abominations called… the Heart of the Mountain.“

She motioned her retinue to move onwards, a cruel smile on her lips and letting her unforgiving eyes rest on the young Imperial Officer. „Time to earn your shiny medals.“

Reinforcements: Reinforcements: 

100 Kingdoms – the attacker has a reinforcements zone of 48“ on the wide table edge, stretching 24“ from the middle of the table.

Before the game starts, the Attacker designates three (3) units to his Vanguard force. These units can enter play by the start of turn #1, regardless of their class, but only Light and Medium units can be chosen. The rest of their army is divided into the Main army and the Rearguard. The later must contain at least 2 units, that will automatically be available by turn #5. The rest of their army is part of the Main army and will be available by their classes and respective Reinforcements rolls.

Dweghom – The defending army consists of two separate forces. The garrison of the Hold and the column. Both armies must fulfill the army building requirements (each must field a Warlord, at least 1 Mainstay unit, etc).

The defender has a reinforcements zone of 36“ on the opposite wide table edge, at the table edge opposing to the Gate. Additionally one (1) available unit per turn can enter the battlefield through the Gates of Ghe‘ Domn located at the center if the narrow table edge on the opposite side. Roll for reinforcements as normal and then decide which unit will be entering through this entry point.

Rounds: 10 turns, or one side has claimed/ removed more objectives and the Battle-o-Meter runs out. Each objective still on the table by the end of turn 10, that has not been claimed, will be counted towards the defenders’ achieved objectives.

Win Conditions: Each objective represents another valued asset to the Dweghom of the Hold; a Prototype of a new kind of Automata, a sanctioned item and a revered ancient of the Tempered Sorcerers. Each objective shares the respective profile of the carrying unit and the attacker must be destroyed in order to be able to claim the objective.

Furthermore, these units can only take a single March action each turn!”

Scoring: “Battle-o-Meter: There are no VP’s awarded, or the battle decided by a simple Take & Hold; the objectives manipulate the morale and fighting will of both armies. As soon as the first objective is no longer on the table, either be claimed by the attacker, or left the battlefield, the countdown will start and can be further modified by following objectives being removed.

Objectives Game ends in

1st               3 turns

2nd               -1 turns

3rd               -1 turns

The defender units carrying the objectives could leave the battlefield through the gate, but must use both actions and be in contact with the gate in order to be able to leave.”

Special Rules: The battlefield represents the area in front of a Dweghom garrison with the majority of the table edges blocked by impassable terrain. A few single pieces of hindering and or zonal terrain can be placed by the defender, but no more than five (5) pieces in total. Some hills on the table edges and decorative terrain could be added. The edges outside the deployment zones are impassable.


Optional rules: The Revered Sorcerer  has a special profile presented here:

M V C A W D E Medium Monster 450 pts

8 3 2 8 10 3 2

Special rules: Wizard 6, Character, Barrage 10 (20“)

Relics: Gifted in Fire, Flaming Weapon, Graft of Fire

Spells: Coruscation, Fireball, Firewall

Retinue: Magic 1,  2, 3

The Prototype shares the profile of the accompanying unit  and fulfills the role of a Leader.


“The Gates of Ghe‘ Domn – place an appropriate piece of terrain at the exact center of the wide table edge and 6” into the battlefield. One (1) available unit of Dweghom can enter the battlefield through this reinforcement point per turn and must be placed in contact with the gate and can thus not be moved any further in this turn.

Game Length: 10 turns, or one side has claimed/ removed more objectives and the Battle-o-Meter runs out. Each objective still on the table by the end of turn 10, that has not been claimed, will be counted towards the defenders’ achieved objectives.

Start of the game: The attacker will automatically win the Initiative in turn #1. The defenders column is in disarray by the surprise attack and can only perform a Reform action in turn #1 for their actions. “