Something in the Woods

Most Creative Scenario of the Spring 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest. Submitted by Judgewyrm

Battlefield: 60″x44″

Reinforcements: Players will deploy using the wide table edge.

Game Length: At the end of any round, if either player has scored 6 or more points the game will end, otherwise the game will last 10 turns. Furthermore the game will end after turn 4 (end of turn 5) if there are no broken regiments on the field.

Victory Points: A 6” diameter objective surrounded by forests is placed in the center of the battlefield. At the end of each turn:

  • The player with the most Broken regiments in the objective will score 1 point.
  • Players will also score 1 point whenever an enemy regiment is Shattered on the objective.
  • Also, score 1 point whenever you destroy a Broken regiment that cannot normally be Shattered (monsters)

Special Rules:

  • Something in the Woods: Upon entering a forest, and every activation a regiment starts within a forest, the regiment must take a resolve test using their base resolve, if this fails the regiment becomes Broken, regiments may not rally while within a forest.
  • Lost but not Broken: Any models removed by resolve or from a regiment shattering are regained at the end of this scenario with no rolls required to regain them.