Winner of the Spring 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest. Submitted by Ragnarok494.

Battlefield: 4’x4′

Background: Intelligence shows the enemy is in the area looking for vital supplies which have gone missing. A caravan of your own has also disappeared in the area. Until now you have suspected your foe to be responsible. Local rumours tell of a legendary artifact in the centre of the swamp; they also tell of the fate of all travellers who enter the marshy lands. You dismiss them, eager to reclaim your supplies, and perhaps raid the enemy’s at the same time. You don’t really believe the legend of the artifact, but If you were to find it…?

Reinforcements: Opposite edge.

Length: 12 turns.

Win Conditions: Game lasts until one of the following conditions are met:

  • A character escapes via their own board-edge with the legendary artifact (see special rules)
  • At the end of the turn in which one player achieves 12 VP (VP by objective control only)
  • At the end of the twelfth turn Victory goes to the player with the highest points at the end of the turn in which any one of the above are met.


  • 1 VP per Objective controlled on allied side of the board
  • 2 VP per Objective controlled on enemy side of the board
  • 2 VP scored when artifact is ‘stolen’ from opposing team
  • 5 VP if a character escapes with the artifact

Special Rules:

  • Legendary Artifact: Legendary Artifact requires a character to pick it up. Characters must be within 1” radius of the Artifact marker. Picking up the Artifact requires one action. If a character picks up Artifact they count as C+1 when they Duel. To seize artifact, an enemy Character must Duel the carrying Character, the carrying Character cannot refuse duels, even if otherwise allowed. No matter the outcome of the Duel, the Artifact is Dropped after the duel is resolved. Both characters roll to pick up the Artifact (unless either or both have been slain). Highest roll wins, if the roll is tied, Clash characteristic settles ties. If there is still a tie then Resolve characteristic settles ties. Any further ties cause the Artifact to be Dropped and the objective marker must be placed exactly between the Characters Dueling, even if this places the Characters outside of the 1” radius. If the regiment of the carrying Character is slain, the carrying character may remain on the board if they are holding the Artifact. If the Artifact is dropped, they will be removed from the board unless they can pick it up again in the same turn. If the Character is then killed after this, the Artifact is then dropped, placing an objective marker with a 1” radius where the Character last stood. The carrying Character may not choose to Seek New Escort while they are carrying the Artifact.
  • Something In The Water: Deadly, murderous creatures chitter and scuttle in the marshy waters, striking unexpectedly. All stands touching or within Water terrain have Decay (1) Draw Event active. This cannot be reduced or removed except by leaving the water.
  • Thick Fog: A thick fog blankets the marshland, making it impossible to discern friend or foe beyond a short distance. For the purposes of Volley attacks, all ranges for Barrage and Spells are halved, as are the distances for Obscuration. For the purposes of Charge, roll 1d3 for charge distances. In addition, if any regiment, even if allied, is within front arc and over 6” (but within charge range), it must be charged. If the charge strikes the rear arc of a regiment, it causes impact hits, if the regiment charged is allied then no subsequent Clash action is allowed and the charging regiment’s activation ends immediately.

Notes: The mat is covered with marshy trees and pools of water. A pool of water surrounds the remains of each caravan (four objectives in the centre of each quadrant). In the centre of the battlefield, the artifact is atop a sacred shrine, Elevated 1, also surrounded by a pool of water. Each pool counts as Water, Dangerous Terrain and applies Decay 1 to each Stand within its boundaries. The trees are purely cosmetic but must be included.