Hold the Line (First Blood)

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: HeraldofLimeandWood. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Battlefield: 4’x4′

Points: Attacker has 850 points, Defender has 500 points.

Fluff: Defender’s army has been routed, this unit has been left behind to prevent a total army destruction, they must hold the bridge for 6 rounds to assist in the escape of their army.

Reinforcements: Defender Reinforcement line begins 12″ up the Battlefield, Attacker Reinforcement line begins 6″ up the Battlefield

Length: 6 rounds

Win Conditions: Attacker wins with either more victory points at the end of 6 rounds, or total destruction of defender. Defender wins with more victory points at the end of 6 rounds

Scoring: Defender begins with a number of victory points equal to the number of Attacking units starting on the board. Defender loses a victory point for every Attacking unit that completely crosses the bridge, Attacker gains any points the defender lost in this way.

Special Rules

  • Tight Squeeze: Units can move past each other in combat if the base can fit through the gap between bases.
  • Last Line: Defenders units all gain Flank and Vanguard.
  • Follow Through: Attacking units lose Flank or Vanguard if they have it.

Notes: This match is supposed to feel desperate for the defender, so if units are already particularly fast, the bridge is closer to the defenders side, or other factors that make it easier you can remove Last Line or Follow through.