Defend the Hold

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: Grauer Prophet. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Points: 1000-1500

Fluff: The Lord was in a hurry, everyone could tell it. He had not said much since a scout arrived and had told him that an enemy warband was about to attack the hold. Of course, there was a regiment in garrison there, but he knew that the enemy was no joke. He had simply told everyone to get ready. But everyone knew what he meant : if the Hold was taken by the enemy, the rest of the kingdom was exposed. Everyone knew that it was the safety of their homes that was at stake…

Battlefield: 4×4

Reinforcements: The attacker decides which edge will be his reinforcement edge. The defender takes the opposite edge as a reinforcement edge

Rounds: The game lasts until one of the players scores 10 victory points.

Win Conditions: The winner is the first player to score 10 points.

Scoring: “During the Victory Phase:

  • The defender scores 1 VP during if he controls the Hold
  • The attacker scores 2 VP if he controls the Hold.

The Hold is said to be controlled by a player if this player has a regiment (regardless of its Type or Class) in garrison in it at the start of the Victory phase.

Special Rules:

The Hold : It is a garrison terrain. It has Defence (2), Capacity (4) and a Size of 3. The hold is also equipped with a Ballista. The Ballista can be activated by 1 stand in the regiment if this stand forfeits its actions (the other stands can activate normally). The Ballista has then two actions like a regular stand, Barrage 4 (36”, Armor Piercing 2), and a 360° line of sight.

Defend the Hold : 1 Light unit (without character) of the defender can occupy the Hold prior to the start of the game.

Seize the Hold : all the attacker regiments get the Vanguard special rule.

Notes: The battlefield must include a building at the center of the battlefield, which will be later referenced as “the Hold”. 

The other terrain can vary according to the wishes of the players and what they have. 

Before the start of the game, the two opponents must decide who is going to be the attacker, and who is going to be the defender. 

If they can’t agree, both players Roll Off, and the winner is the attacker.