Custom Scenario Generator – 1/6 “Invasion“

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: Grauer Prophet. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Name: Custom Scenario Generator – 1/6 “Invasion“

Points: 1500

Battlefield: 6×4

Reinforcements: Wide

Rounds: 10 turns

Win Conditions: 10 turns, or until one side has scored 10 VPs, been eliminated or conceded.

Scoring: “At the end of each turn you score points for the following:

  •  3 VPs for each objective on the opponents half of the table
  • 1 VP for each enemy command card removed from play
    • add +1 VP per 3 stands in the unit
  • 1 VP for each Secondary Objective completed

Special Rules: INITIATIVE (scenario selection)

Before the start of the game, both sides determine the strategic value of their forces, either as a fast raiding party, or a slow but resilient bulwark.

Basic: 1 D6

  • Add +1 (max. 3 D6 total) for:
  • +1 Any unit(s) with Forward Deployment
  • +1 Any level(s) of Tactical retinues
  • +1 Any unit(s) with Vanguard
  • +1 Any unit(s) from class Light, or Medium Cavalry
  • +1 If you have more (1>) Light regiments than Medium + Heavy (class)
  • +1 Any unit(s) with March 10 or more
  • +1 Your army is from the Nords faction

*excl. Bastion Draw Event

Basic: 1 D6

  • Subtract -1  (min. 1 D6 total) for:
  • -1 Any unit(s) with Defense 5 (incl. Shields)*
  • -1 Your army won the last game (still plundering)!
  • -1 If you have more (1>) Medium + Heavy regiments than Light (class)
  • -1 Your army is from the Dweghom faction

1. Both sides gather their dice and roll for Initiative. Even if you are rolling multiple dice, only the highest single D6 result counts!

2. The player that won that roll, can select one of his available scenario cards, that will be the scenario for this round.

3. Proceed with the pre-game and in-game sequence as usual.

Note: this is part of a campaign system and was slighty modified.

Notes: This is 1 out of 6 scenarios of a custom scenario generator. The set up for the objectives is the same for every scenario, but the conditions differ.

Point level should be between 1250-2000 points per side.


1. Each player deploys two (2) objective markers 12“ away from their a table edge and at least 12“ away from any other objectives.

2. Then deploy one (1) marker in the center of the battlefield.

3. Each objective marker is the center of a 6“ diameter zone.

4. Set up the battlefield. No impassable terrain may be placed within 12“ of any objective marker.

5. Roll for tablesides.

6. Draw two (2) Scenario Objective cards and select one (1) for both players.

8. Draw five (5) Secondary Objective cards and select three (3). These are considered as hidden information.

9. Each game lasts for 10 turns, or until one side has scored 10 VP’s, been eliminated or conceded.

10. Any Objectives can only be scored by turn #3. Only stands can score (no characters).

11. Proceed with gameplay as usual: