Conquer the Dragon

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: Draliann. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Points: 750 – 1000

Fluff: One of the dragons who remained pure and stayed out of the material realm has become mortal. Take him down first and take his power!

Battlefield: 4×4

Reinforcements: Each opponent is on opposite sides, with no additional inches on reinforcements edge at start of game.

Rounds: One player must land the killing blow on the Dragon (or make the Dragon run away).

Win Conditions: Player with the highest score after the Dragon’s death wins.


  • 8 points for landing the killing blow on the Dragon
  • 1 point per Enemy Regiment killed by Friendly Forces
  • 2 points per Enemy Character killed by Friendly Forces

Special Rules

Dragon Stats

Type: Monster

Class: Heavy

M = 4

V = 3

C = 4

A = 10

W = 24

R = 7

D = 4

E = 1

Special Rules: Barrage 10 (24”), Cleave 3, Armor Piercing 2, Brutal Impact 2, Terrifying 2, Fearless, Rake Attack

Size: 5.  (Monster Base)

Activation: At the start of the turn after players determine whom is first, if the Dragon is not engaged, the player whom will be going first will be targeted for movement. The Dragon will single March towards or Charge (if possible instead) the closest models from the targeted player.

If still not engaged after movement, the Dragon will volley the closest target regiment per both players, regardless on which direction the Dragon is facing. The Dragon will take a penalty of 1 to Volley rolls if he is not facing a target for volley. 

If the Dragon is engaged, he will automatically Clash at all Regiments he is engaged with, not just one.

Notes: Set up the table symmetrically with terrain for both player sides, leaving nothing in a 5” bubble in the center of the table, except one large model to stand for the Dragon in the dead center of the table.