Apocalypse Possibly

Winter 2021 Conquest Eternal Scenario Contest Submission. Author: Darkfine. Modified from original submission for clarity or balance.

Points: 2000-2500

Fluff: Lines have been drawn.  Skirmish, clash, conflict make no substitute.  Two great armies march now to wrath, to ruin, to Conquest.

Battlefield: 6’x4′

Reinforcements: Long edge

Rounds: Play until a victory condition is met

Win Conditions: Capitulation, total annihilation or 16 victory points


  • 1 VP per command card removed from the game
  • 1 additional VP per Character 
  • 2 additional VP for the Warlord.  
  • -1 point when an enemy unit performs a scenario Rally action.  
  • Secondary Objectives are not used in this scenario.

Special Rules

  • Rally Point: There are 4 rally points on the table.  Two on the horizontal centerline 12″ from center and one on each long edge centrally placed and 12″ in.  These Rally Points can be claimed by using a rally action with a Heavy regiment in base contact with the Point.  When a Rally Point is claimed you may immediately return a destroyed card to your command deck by placing it at the bottom of the stack (the unit minus escorted character comes back in to play).
  • Mortal Playthings: When an enemy Character is slain in a Duel action you may return a slain Character to a friendly Regiment within 12″ (all rules for joining units apply).  
  • Hell’s Highway: A road, 11″ wide in the center of the table (running from long edge to long edge) allows a unit that double marches a free March action.

Notes: In this scenario the reinforcement line is tracked dynamically as it moves with the leading units of both sides.  

Heavy regiments may charge the turn they enter play.