Seize the River Crossing

Battlefield: 72” x 48” (6’x4′)

Required Terrain: 7″ wide river bisecting table with three crossing points (center one 3 stands wide, others two stands wide) with one in the center and the others 15″ to either side

River counts as Water, Hindering, and Very Dangerous Terrain

Reinforcements: Long table edges

Game Length Variation: At the end of a Round, if one or more players have accumulated 12 VPs end the game. Otherwise the game lasts 10 rounds.

Victory Points: Place 5 Objectives (Three 6″ diameter objectives with one in each crossing, Two 9″ diameter objectives 12″ away from center objective on either side of the river). Objective on the opposite side of the river belong to opponent. At the end of each Turn, you score points for the following:

1 point for holding a river objective

2 points for holding enemy objective