Refugee Escort

Battlefield: 72” x 48” (6×4)

Reinforcements: Players use the wide table edges for their reinforcement zone 

Game Length: At the end of a Round:

  • If one or more players have accumulated 9 VPs, end the game, with the highest scoring player the winner.
  • If one player has retreated from the field, the remaining player wins and the game ends.
  • Otherwise the game lasts 10 rounds, ending in a draw if one of the above is not met. 

Victory Points: 

  • Place 3 Objectives (6″ diameter) on the defenders table edge in each table third, one has to be in the center. 
  • At the end of each Turn, you score points for the following: 
  • Attacker:
    • 1 point for holding an objective (see special rules)
    • 1 point per destroyed Medium or Heavy unit 
  • Defender
    • 1 point when Objective leaves the battlefield (see special rules)
    • 1 point per destroyed Cavalry, Brute, Monster, or unit with March 6+

Special Rules: 

  • Refugee column: Each objective represents a group of refugees so they move 6″ at the end of each turn towards the Attacker reinforcement edge. Contested columns don’t move. Columns will not move to place themselves in harm’s way (claimed by attacker).
  • Kidnap or kill refugees: Attacker can claim points from objectives 3 times before the group runs out of people and is lost. Defender receives remaining points not stolen by attacker once objective leaves the field.
  • Escort: 1 Defender Light unit gains Flank