Caravan Attack

Battlefield: 60” x 44” 

Reinforcements: Players use the wide table edges for their reinforcement zone 

Game Length: At the end of a Round:

  • If one or more players have accumulated 10 VPs, end the game, with the highest scoring player the winner.
  • If one player has retreated from the field, the remaining player wins and the game ends.
  • Otherwise the game lasts 10 rounds, ending in a draw if one of the above is not met. 

Victory Points: 

  • Place 3 Objectives (6″ diameter) along the centerline. One will be in the center and the other two 15″ away on either side.
  • At the end of each Turn, you score points for the following:
    • 1 point for every destroyed Light unit
    • 2 points for holding 6″ objectives 

Special Rules: 

  • Looting: Each objective only provides a player points twice. 
  • Light Fingers: Lights count as scoring units.