Path of Conquest 2

Join us as Conquest Eternal proudly hosts the second Path of Conquest!

Starting in May, six Vanguards will be assembling and painting 2,000 point armies in five milestones culminating in September. All along the way they will be documenting and/or streaming their progress, sharing their techniques/defending their lack of technique, and battling one another. Milestones 1 and 2 will be focused around the First Blood skirmish ruleset. Milestones 3-5 will be larger scale battles as the First Blood forces form up into battlelines for the Last Argument of Kings.

But don’t worry, this is not going to be one of those events where you just follow along as a bunch of Americans, English, and Irish blokes paint and talk about painting. In fact we’re inviting anyone who wants to walk this path alongside us! We want to see your models all over social media and will be hosting events, giveaways, and competitions all along the way. Then in September we’ll award the best completed path army and also host a First Blood tournament using Tabletop Simulator! You can find the signup below.

Path of Conquest Sign Up

Now here are our participating Vanguards:

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