Church of Saint Agobard

Established shortly after the discovery of Duchess Deveaux, the Holy Church of Saint Agobard is a fanatical sect of Theism that has taken over as the primary faith within the lands controlled by House Deveaux. The first of the devout followers and the founder of the sect was a man called Artoirel saint Flourel, a minor noble within the Hundred Kingdoms who had ties to the ancient nobility that surrounded House Deveaux.

When Artoirel first found Lady Marchesa, an overwhelming warmth and light swallowed him and entered his heart. Awakening a deep passion and devoutness towards a winged being with a chalice in one hand and a spear with a flag wrapped into it in the other. When his vision cleared, it was Lady Marchesa before him.This was a sign, a message from the great Saint Agobard, a long forgotten patron saint of the Theist faith.Artoirel took this as a command, a holy calling to spread the word of Agobard’s second coming.and rally people to Marchesa’s divinity.

At first Marchesa detested the idea of being considered a deity but as time went on the daily prodding at her mind of the idea grew and soon she fully took on the mantle of Agobard’s vessel, changing her normally shy demeanor to one of benevolence and grace. 

A great tale was made to bring people to the cause of Lady Marchesa and Saint Agobard, one of strife and reclamation. Artoirel devised the tale of Agobard’s will entering Marchesa’s body and guiding her on a holy pilgrimage to her ancestral homeland to retake and rebuild the name of Deveaux. On her travels she came across five noble hedge knights who pledged themselves to her righteous cause. These knights soon became known as the Divine Guardians.
Soon this tale spread thanks to Artoirel’s connections in many city states and with the Theist church and many of the poor, lost and disenfranchised  from the lands around flocked to follow the holy pilgrimage of Agobard’s Vessel. Their devotion was proven time and time again protecting the Vessel and building the new capital of House Deveaux. Becoming the first settlers of Pays du Saint, an old term from Marchesa’s ancestors meaning Land of the Saint.

House Deveaux: A house of Divinity

Long ago, the name Deveaux was known far and wide as a strong, noble and powerful name in the hearts and minds of men. A house born of hard work, blood, sweat and tears by humble labourers and selfless nobility. It once ruled the lands of the south east between the areas now know as La Fouldre and Og’Domn.

When the Fall happened, there was a time where House Deveaux still managed to hold out and survive the first two centuries. Suffering and enduring the Long Winter and attacks from various outside forces that sought to take advantage of the chaos created from the Fall. Soon enough, the kingdom fell after many famines, invasions and cold snaps.

Many centuries later, during the embroiling conflicts of current time a descendant of the Deveaux bloodline, Duchess Marchesa Deveaux. Marchesa is a young woman of twenty four years, but the only known descendant of the bloodline left alive to this day. This cling to the old world has enthralled many to praise and follow her as the so called “Second coming” of Saint Agobard, a long dead devout follower of the Theist faith.

Due to this, Marchesa has developed a near zealot like fanaticism towards the Theist faith, converting many people to what she sees as “the One True Faith”. This has not gone unnoticed either, those higher up in the Theists took notice of the fledgling noble and approached her, offering to help her retake her ancestral home as by her right. In return for their assistance, Duchess Marchesa has pledged her kingdom and it’s resources to the cause of the faith. Sending able men and women to fight under the Theist banner whenever they are needed.

Now, with her numbers swollen and fervour ignited, she marches towards her soon to be kingdom, to take what is hers. But it will not be easy. The Dwegholm of Og’Domn seek the lands to be theirs due to the rich abundance of rare metals in it’s soil that make it ideal for making armour. There are also those of the Orders, the survivors of the Last Legion who defended mankind from the darkness. Seeking to make sure the church do not claim a foothold in the region through their puppet leader.