Mustering the troops-BTJ’s month 1

Hi, and welcome to the start of my lot of articles for Conquest Eternal’s Path to Conquest series. Basically, 6 vanguards are gonna spend the next 5 months working up to a fully painted 2000 point list of their chosen faction. I’ve chosen to build an army for the Hundred Kingdoms, because quite frankly, I just love the theme.

The way this works is months 1 & 3 we work on a new 400 point First blood list. Then months 2 & 4 we take the previous month’s list, take it up to 600 points for FB and then round it out to 800 points in The Last Argument of Kings. Then month 5 is take the 2 800 point blocks and finish out to 2000 points. Obviously, if you’re following along you set your own goals, it’s not about matching us(or exceeding us, but if that’s your goal soar high you glorious mad(wo)man!), but about getting some hobby done that you can be happy about.

So, with that being said, what does my staring list look like, hypothetical reader of mine? Kinda like this;

=== First Blood! ===

The Hundred Kingdoms – 399/600


Noble Lord [80]: Select as Warlord, Arms Master

– Household Guard (8) [104]: Leader

– Household Knights (2) [110]: Leader

Theist Priest [65]: Holy Fire

– Militia (5) [40]

Characters: 2

Light Regiments: 1

Medium Regiments: 2

Heavy Regiments: 0


If you’re curious about the logic behind this list, there’s no great mystery involved. It’s literally just the contents of the Hundred Kingdoms Warband box that’s available, cause it’s a good starting point for both First Blood and The Last Argument of Kings, so I wanted to take advantage of its contents as much as possible. I went pretty light on options for both the characters because Househould knights are a fair chunk of points at this level so wanted to maximise bodies. 17 minis is a decent starting point for First Blood, and it means I’ve a damn solid starting point for bulking out these units next month when we move to TLAoK.

In terms of painting, I’m thinking this is the household of a small time noble in charge of a small provincial town, and the local priest. So to tie them together as the Noble Lord’s personal troops, the units are all gonna show his heraldry of halved green and yellow, cause those are colours I just don’t use enough. For the priest, well the Theist church kinda stole purple as a colour from the Armatellum dynasty, and this priest’s gonna flaunt that fact!

So, where does this go from here? Honestly, whilst I have a vague, half-formed idea in my head, it’s a very fluid one, so I’ve decided not to have a set end-goal of a list, but decide each month what I’ll add for the next one, and almost let the army build itself, so should be fun to see how it ends up!