Sinara’s Path of Conquest Intro: Dinosaurs, Homebrew and W’adrhun… Oh My!

Hey everyone! I am super excited to be a part of the Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings community, I am taking part in the Path of Conquest with the Conquest Eternal team and many others who signed up! This is going to be an awesome time and a great way for the community to interact, while also sharing the word of this awesome game, lore, and models.
For my Path of Conquest, I will be painting up the fascinating faction of the W’adrhun and their primeval beasts of war. I chose the W’adrhun for a number of reasons but what really stuck out to me was their lore, they have a bit of a World of Warcraft Troll vibe to them, the models are gorgeous…and did I mention Dinosaurs? I just absolutely love this take on an Orc like race that isn’t just war hungry, but dangerously intelligent and longing to simply make a society (again getting those WoW Horde vibes a bit, which I love). Although for the time being, I won’t be doing the full 2k points as others are, I will however be supplementing with homebrew content for my personal tribe! I think this will be a fun twist for the Path of Conquest journey and help build the already incredible world we’re all falling in love with, even if in an unofficial capacity.
This first post covers the list I’ll be painting which consists of the W’adrhun Warband Box, a Matriarch & 2 sets of Raptor Riders but also the introduction to my homebrew tribe the Wyandotii.
I hope you enjoy reading what I have going on and I really look forward to eventually getting my hands on the models to begin painting! I am hoping to begin painting by the end of May or early June.

List of Models:

=== The Last Argument of Kings ===

The W’adrhŭn – 1275/2000
Sinarai’s PoC

Matriarch Queen [100]: Select as Warlord, Death
– Blooded (3) [160]: Champion, Leader, Standard Bearer

Predator [110]: Beads of Death, Death
– Hunters (3) [190]: Skirmisher, Leader, Standard Bearer
– Raptor Riders (3) [220]: Huntress
– Raptor Riders (3) [220]: Huntress

Scion of Conquest [130]: Cacophony, Dissonance, Death
– Braves (3) [145]: Champion, Standard Bearer, Leader

Characters: 3
Light Regiments: 3
Medium Regiments: 2
Heavy Regiments: 0


W’adrhun: The Wyan’dotii

Faction: The Wyan’dotii (W’adrhun)
Capital: Anqa
Leader: Matriarch Endala
Cult: Death
Unique Trait: High Concentration of Speakers, Specialize in Beasts of War


~~ Across The Wasteland they traveled, huntresses and their raptor riders into the fertile coast of the Acheronian Peninsula. Predators in a new land they found prey plentiful among the plains, forests, and hills; even those who strayed from human villages passed. Though the land rich nowhere yet that matched the description of the Matriarchs vision. By the sun and stars they tracked their movements, for weeks they searched. On the twenty-fourth day as the clouds parted and the sun shown on the morning dew, a shimmering lake broke over the horizon as they reached the top of a high hill.
“There”, Tylita said while pointing with her spear, the huntress smiling with visible relief on her face, “There is where Matriarch Endala described to us”. ~~

As told by the storytellers of the Cult of Famine that followed, the Wydan’dotii tribe of the W’adrhun and their exodus from their native home is a story of divine vision, blood, courage, and above all else: hope. On the backs of behemoths, the new tribe set out in search of a land of plenty, setting out west into the Archeronian Peninsula where their matriarch had been given a vision of vast fields, herds of grazing animals, and a shimmering lake connected to a mighty river.

As competition for resources intensified and war between the tribes escalating, stories of a great exodus spread with those seeking to leave the oases protection and into new lands. Once a part of the southern oases, the Wyandotii were not one tribe or section of one tribe that decided to migrate, but a large collection of family groups, cult members, and many younger W’adrhun seeking to prove themselves. Led by Endala the Courageous, the horde set out west in search of new land to settle, and what she described as a new paradise and beginning for all. As more W’adrhun joined the numbers of the cults swelled, dominated by that of Death and that of Famine being the least represented as many storytellers deemed the Exodus a “Failed History”.

These storytellers were almost proven right in the early years of the Exodus, as the Wastelands took their toll on the tribe. As weeks turned into months, and months into years the tribe traveled the dangerous landscape and they became increasingly dependent on the few speakers that traveled with them. Able to communicate with the beasts that surrounded them, the female speakers sought out bonds with the raptors of the Dusted Plains, soon hunting party success increased to the point of having to store extra meat in salt barrels. Though hunts brought in more sustenance, Endala sought more than just a mere existence for the Wyan’dotii, but that of what humans called a kingdom; even an empire. As they wandered The Wastelands their numbers increasing with each year, selective breeding of specific traits began to be enforced by the womenfolk. For every twenty W’adrhun born one was born with the gift of a Speaker, one of the most sought after adaptations of the Wyan’dotii. The ranks of raptor riders specifically grew, swift calvary packs supported by the hunters they hunted with and braves wanting to prove themselves.

As their military grew they began targeting better-protected caravans and human pilgrimages, quickly being overtaken the Wyan’dotii began a lucrative trade business, often selling back to those they had raided in the first place. These raids, or privileged hunts, offered items to trade to other tribes, especially with the War Cults as the armor of other races was able to be melted down and reworked into W’adrhun forged armor. Still, the Wyan’dotii scouts searched for land that had been described to them as shown to the Matriarch in her vision; a land they could settle permanently. A vision of fertile land to the south where they could grow and prosper, towards the City-States and the city of Acheron.

Over years they reached the ends of the Dusty Plains the Wyan’dotti began to notice an increase in male Speakers, although small the increase this gave the advantage of bringing in the use of large behemoths into the war party. These male speakers and their behemoths would prove most valuable in the sieges and taking of villages and small fortified towns as they reached the fertile lowlands north of Acheron. Behind the tribe marched humans of their conquests, truly a source of future and present tension between the Wyan’dotii and the City-States. Humans not fit to stay with the Wyan’dotii and assist the Bound are sold, whether that be to a foreign land or a family buying back their kin does not matter.

It wasn’t until the founding of Anqa, or “Long Neck”, on the north end of the lake which rests on the Tenrius River that the Wyan’dotii were able to begin their path of rebuilding. Taking control of the lake and surrounding area the Wyan’dotii not only secured a precious water source and fertile land but also secured themselves a future as a key trading post.

As the tribe’s influence grew so did their settlement which had morphed into not just a large trade center but also a center of agriculture. Fields lined the landscape, the Bound and their human helpers working the land, while also breeding new lines of crops that yield more food. As crops began to yield more the use of active hunts came less, and so the training of hunters for warfare became more common, their already deadly skill honed even more.

As humans become the cornerstone of the workforce and crops producing enough to sustain the growing population, the Wyan’dotii again implement selective breeding. This new measure of selective breeding hopes to produce more W’adrhun able to complete The Trial, growing their numbers for aggressive but purposeful expansion. The time of the Wyan’dotii has come to expand into and past the peninsula they call home and to forge a destiny for the ages.

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